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1 Saint Francis Borgia Church

2 Monday, June 11, 2018 St. Barnabas 7:15 Josephine, Theresa, Maria Errichiello Cecile Priebe 8:30 Wieslaw Zawisza Frances & William Slowik Tina & Domenico Giannini Slowik & Skoczynski Families Giannini & Pontarelli Families Yolanda Anderson Tuesday, June 12, :15 Laurence Mulcrone Cecile Priebe 8:30 Wednesday, June 13, 2018 St. Anthony of Padua 7:15 All Souls in Purgatory Cecile Priebe 8:30 7:00 Thursday, June 14, :15 Cecile Priebe 8:30 Joseph & Leona Luke on their Wedding Anniversary George Ulm Friday, June 15, :15 Cecile Priebe 8:30 Steven & Robert Caruk Sarah Gonzalez on her 8th Death Anniversary 7:00 Saturday, June 16, :00 Gloria & Renato Bacci 5:00 Bishop Thadeus Jakubowski Cecile Priebe Sunday, June 17, 2018 Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time 7:30 Health & Blessings for the Gaudio Family Jim Dunne Anne Gottmann 9:00 Przez wstawiennictwo Sw. Rity o zgode w rodzinie Stefania i Jan Kulon Zenon Walczyk Jan Witkowski Stanislaw Masnica Rafal Ryndak Jozef Kozik Jozef Kulawiak Czeslaw Sepko Witold Sokolowski Michal Poplawski Helena Klimek Janina Poplawska Janina Golik 10:30 Roman Burdulinski Onelia & Giuseppe Settefrati Celia & Ken Stark Renato Bacci Bernard Schmidt Andrzej Swislocki Salvatore Franzese 12:00 Health & Blessings for Andrew & Andrea Jablonski Miroslaw Antosz Frank Tacito John Parapatics 1:30 O zdrowie i Opieke Matki Bozej dla syna Pawla Jozef Lenart Alojzy Gandor Wieslaw Zawisza Jozef Kot Genowefa Medala Maria Kupiec 6:00 O zdrowie i Boze Blog. dla Jozefa i Anny Matoniak z dziecmi Irena Haniaczyk Franciszek Pietraszek Jozef Koszut Zofia Modla Cecile Priebe Through the Sacrament of Baptism, we have welcomed into our church community Harper Noelle Ross Emmle Helen Snopek Khloe Stasik

3 St. Francis Borgia Mission Statement St. Francis Borgia nurtures the Roman Catholic Faith and fosters the gifts of the Holy Spirit in all by: Welcoming everyone into our faith community; Celebrating the sacraments together; Providing faith education; Providing an environment for prayerful meditation; Utilizing our time, talents and treasures. We resolve to develop, support, empower, and encourage individuals to reach their spiritual potential for the greater glory of God and the good of His people. Members of our church community are serving our country in the various branches of the military. Please pray for all of them and their families and especially for those listed below. Alberto Aguilar Matthew J. Albanese James Allision Paul Raymond Barthel Rev. Marcin Bulinski Christopher R. Burdulinski Joseph Vito Burdulinski Dominic J. Cammuca Luciano Cammuca Sr. James D. Campis VENT PARISH E Jasper Catalano Kevin Chesney Robert Curtis Tamara DeCaro Shawn Gaffney Gerald Giovannelli Slawomir Glownia Michael Granadon Daniel Jarosz Joseph Patrick Kinney R CALENDA SUNDAY, June 10 9:00-12:00 Deaf Ministry... SC1/SC2 MONDAY, June 11 9:00 Crafters... SC3 TUESDAY, June 12 9:00 Marian Movement... Chapel 7:00 Highlander Group... Mayall Hall WEDNESDAY, June 13 6:00 Carnival Meeting... SC3 7:00 Polish Mass... Church THURSDAY, June 14 10:30-4:00 Golden Club... SC2 7:00 Sacred Heart Prayer Service... Chapel FRIDAY, June 15 3:00 Divine Mercy Prayer Group... Chapel 5:00-10:00 Deaf Ministry... SC2 7:00 Polish Mass... Church SATURDAY, June 16 SUNDAY, June 17 9:00-12:00 Deaf Ministry... SC1/SC2 Please pray for all those who have died and for their Families, especially Paul Burda Frank Joseph Klimas James Labbe Tom Lewandowski Michael Labek Matt Manzano Tim McManus Darrell Mills Michael A. Morelli Artur Niedbelka Roman Ortega Nicholas Ranch James H. Schreiner Robert Schreiner Gerald Tuman Michael Tuman Richard A. Wagner Steven A. Walker Please pray for all the sick, homebound, and the convalescents of the parish, our relatives and friends, and especially: Felicia Accolti Bernice Mae McKay Carmella Aguilar Joanne Melone Venecia Alanis Grace Miceli Robert Albano Joanne Morabito Diana Albarran Edyta Mucha Lorraine Arendt Karen Mulcrone Nicole Arendt Krzystof Nowicki Fr. Michael Balente Jennifer Ochinnio Victoria Bertone Michael O Neill, Jr. June Billingham Michael O Neill, Sr. John R. Bucci Patricia O Neill Mary Burke Tommy O Neill Edna Cannisano Michael Palumbo Dolores Cantore Rosemary Palumbo Rita Caruk Samantha Parry Elisabeth Corkran Bernadette Petty Elaine Czarnowski Victoria Pietroczynski Michelle Deering Alma Pini Edward Dobosz John Pini Charles Dobrovolny Terrence Renk Margaret Ebler & Family Joseph Richko Robert Fitzpatrick Lacie Richko Patricia Fleming Kathryn Richko Anne Fritz Megan Richko Patricia Fulton Michelle Richko David Galvan Sara R. Walter Garland Peter Rocco Immacolata Geronazzo Bernadine Rohlicek Jared Godla Sandra Romeo James Gorski Michael Rowan Rose Marie Hakes Bruce Rybarczyk Timothy Heider Virginia Rylko Maria Herrera Katie Santoro Kelly Irvin Michael Scanlon Joe Johnston Rosemary Schultz Jozef Michael Scroggins Genowefa Karwowska John Smigla Zygmunt Karwowski Frank Somogyi Dagmar Tony Kilian Jeff Stachula Catherine Klostermann Greycon Stanley John Allen Klostermann Christopher Staunton William Klostermann Frances Swiatek Caryn Kowalke Christine M. Szeszol Peter Krallitsch Maria Szymczek Bronislawa Lakomski Jason Townsend Mary Lannon Shannon Vaile June LaValle Nicholas Vitellaro Loretta Lipinski Helena Walaszek Dons Ludmann Helen Wenc Vera Mackow Frank Zdun John Martinelli Sharon Zdun Aria McCarthy

4 Religious Education Department News... The St. Francis Borgia Religious Education Program with 155 students has completed another faith-filled school year! The students Catholic faith and education were deepened and the Sacraments of First Reconciliation, First Communion and Confirmation were celebrated. The Catechists who give their time are parishioners from varied professional backgrounds. Many of the Catechists also serve in other ministries in the parish such as the Parish Pastoral Council (PPC), the Adoration Chapel, Eucharistic Minister, Lector, Minister of Care, the Bereavement Ministry, and participate in various prayer groups. This strong devotion and commitment to the Catholic faith allows them to share with our students in many ways. Thank you to the Catechists and Aides for their dedication to the St. Francis Borgia Religious Education program during the school year: 1st grade- Miguel Hernandez, Blanca Pacia 2nd grade- Linda Kostencki 3rd grade-nancy Nugent 4th and 5th grade -Denise Rodriguez 6th grade-fran Puleo Confirmation I- Linda Kostencki, Phyllis Schmidt Confirmation II- Ceil Brieske, Esther de la Torre RE Office Aide-Arlene Jagiello, Lisa Sparacio-Tuesdays RE Office Aide- Connie Camillo, Linda Evangelista, Bob Schmugge-Saturdays 2nd Grade Student Aide-John Paredes Students who achieved perfect attendance during the school year are: 1st Grade-Jaelynn Galindo, Alek Quiroz, Elena Santos, Lennard Wahlberg 2nd Grade-Alexis Cabrera, Natalie Janisch, Maya Janisch, Mario Lopresti 3rd Grade-Jazmin Galindo, Yasleen Galindo 5th Grade-Trystan Abrenica 6th Grade-Matteo Dattolo Confirmation I-Michael Kostecki Confirmation II-Anthony Colorato Honorable mention to students with only 1 absence: 1st Grade-Amelia Balamut, London Geverola, Olivia Guzman, Sofia Parrales 2nd Grade-Julian Granera 3rd Grade-Luca Morrone, Concetta Santos 4th Grade-Jorge Mendez 5th Grade-Tanya Abrenica, Nicolas Colorato, Jack Helms, Josh Walter 6th Grade-Sebastian Tomczyk Confirmation I-Nicole Collins A special acknowledgement to the Confirmation II students who have attended all 8 years of Religious Education at St. Francis Borgia: Anthony Colorato, Anthony D Angelo, Santina Puleo Congratulations to those who participated in the RCIA program-(rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) ~ Karolina Garlinski, Yessenia Regalado and Ivy Spidale. Karolina & Yessenia were confirmed on March 17. Ivy received the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and First Eucharist on May 5. Thank you to Sandy Kornfeind for being on the RCIA/Confirmation Preparation Catechetical Staff. Finally, thank you to the priests for their assistance during the school year. Blessings to all of the students and their families for a relaxing summer. See you in Church! Ruthanne Swiatkowski Director of Religious Education

5 RENEW MY CHURCH TABERNACLE LIGHTS IN MEMORY OF + Józef Zbigniew Bratek + Ks. Jan Kaczkowski Consider honoring a loved one, living or deceased, by Lighting a Tabernacle Candle (Church, Adoration Chapel or Chapel) III Mateusz Stasik and Zaneta Rusiecka IIIAndrew Jarzabek and Anna Moskal III Tomasz Dorosz and Sylwia Sobuta III Tomasz Florczak and Gabriela Wec

6 Italian Catholic Federation Invites New Members To Join For any questions regarding the ICF at St. Francis Borgia, contact Teresa Helfand at ICF Masses & Meetings: Sunday, June 24th at 3:30 pm - P. Pio Mass Monday, June 25th at 7:30 pm in SC2 - ICF Meeting FESTA IN ONORE DI S. PADRE PIO The Parish of St. Francis Borgia, the Italian Catholic Federation Branch 392 and the St. Padre Pio Prayer Group will celebrate The 16th Anniversary of the Canonization of St. Padre Pio on Sunday, June 24th 2018, at 3:30 pm Mass at St. Francis Borgia Church with the traditional procession accompanied by the Banda Siciliana Carissimo/a Membro della ICF di San Francesco Borgia 392, familiari ed amici, in occasione del Quindicesimo Anniversario della Canonizzazione di S. Padre Pio,vi invito a partecipare alla Celebrazione della Santa Messa e alla Banda Siciliana ci accompagnerà lungo il cammino della processione. La Celebrazione della S. Messa e la processione si svolgeranno Domenica 24 Giugno 2018, Ore 3:30 pm, Chiesa di San Francesco Borgia (8033 W. Addison - Chicago) (Per informazioni chiamare Teresa D Alessandro Helfand, ) Rocznica Kanonizacji Ojca Pio Uroczysta Msza Św. z procesją z okazji 16 rocznicy Kanonizacji Ojca Pio odbędzie się w niedzielę, 24 czerwca o godz. 3:30 pm w Kościele Św. Franciszka Borgia.

7 Prayer Shawl Ministry We have prayers shawls available for a loved one, either homebound, in the hospital, in a nursing home, undergoing chemo, serving our country, or just in need of comfort. They provide a bit of support, warmth, and often a sense of an embrace for those who need it most. Something so simple is often the brightest thing that has happened for a person in some time and can even bring a touch of home to them. There is no cost to the recipient. If you know of someone in need of one or have any further questions, please contact Kate Klostermann at or Geri Martorano at GOLDEN CLUB Thursday, June 14th Happy Flag Day! Doors open: 11:00 am, Meeting starts: 1:15 pm A lite lunch will be served to paid members only. The newly elected officers are: President: Bernadine Rohlicek, Vice President: Kate Klostermann Secretary: Christine Jaworski, Treasurer: Mary McGeean Many thanks to our out-going President, Connie Castillo, for a job well done. Don t forget your donation of non-perishable food items to be given to the Food Pantry. For more information, please call Bernie at (773) RESPECT LIFE Forgiveness Linda is a woman who had an abortion. She writes, My breaking point with [my former] Church was when I was feeling truly guilty because of what I had done, I knew it was wrong, but people were trying to justify it to me. I didn t need justification, I needed to know how to reconcile an already fragmented relationship with the Lord I desired... but I was too weighed down and no one seemed to see the need of forgiveness and reconciliation, at least until I came into contact with the Catholic Church. The funny thing is, so many people seem to see the Church as uncompassionate and uncaring, it was where I found love, acceptance, and forgiveness... WELCOME NEW PARISHIONERS: Thomas Kalicky New Parishioners Are Invited to Register Forma Rejestracyjna Last name of registrants / Nazwisko Your first name / Imię Date of Birth Your spouse s first name / Imię małżonka Date of Birth Names of children / Dzieci Dates of Birth Address / Adres City, State, Zip / Miasto, Stan, Kod pocztowy Home phone number / Numer telefonu Alternate phone number / Numer telefonu I am: Married Single Widowed Divorced Separated

8 We want to thank the Communion Children, the Confirmation Students and their Families for the generous gifts for our Parish. The gong and $ for the renovation of the Parish Hall were offered by the Confirmation Students who received the Sacrament of Confirmation on April 7, It was the Jan Kochanowski Polish School, Casimir Pulaski Polish School, Polish Catechetical Program at SFB, and the Polish School at the Consulate. The parents and the children who received their First Communion on May 19, 2018, from the Jan Kochanowski Polish School bought the chalice and candles. Serdecznie dziękujemy Dzieciom Komunijnym, Młodzieży Bierzmowanej i ich Rodzinom za hojne dary dla naszej Parafii. Gong oraz kwota $ na remont sali parafialnej ofiarowane zostały przez młodzież, która przyjęła Sakrament Bierzmowania 7 kwietnia 2018 r., a była to: Polska Szkoła Jana Kochanowskiego, Polska Szkoła im. Kazimierza Pułaskiego, Polski Program Katechetyczny przy SFB, Polska Szkoła przy konsulacie. Rodzice i Dzieci Pierwszokomunijne z Polskiej Szkoły im. Jana Kochanowskiego, które 19 maja przyjęły Sakrament I Komunii Św. zakupiły dla Parafii kielich i świece. BÓG ZAPŁAĆ! Father s Day Father s Day Special Envelopes are available at the back of the church. Prayer is a beautiful gift and a way to remember our Fathers, living and deceased. Envelopes can be dropped into the collection basket or to the rectory office. We will pray for our Fathers on Sunday, June 17 during all Holy Masses and at all Masses during June. Let us remember to dress modestly for Church. In the house of God let us give praise to the Lord also by the way we are dressed.

9 Dzień Ojca Dzień Ojca w tym roku przypada w niedzielę, 17 czerwca. Specjalne kopertki są dostępne przy wejściach do kościoła. Na kopercie należy wypisać imię i nazwisko Ojca żyjącego lub zmarłego i wrzucić do koszyka z kolektą lub przynieść do biura parafialnego. Na wszystkich Mszach Św. w niedzielę, 17 czerwca oraz w piątki o godz. 7:00 pm przez cały miesiąc czerwiec będziemy modlić się w intencjach Ojców, którzy zostali przez Was poleceni. Pielgrzymka Żywy Różaniec przy parafii Św. Franciszka Borgia organizuje pielgrzymkę do Sanktuarium Matki Boskiej Częstochowskiej w Merrillville, Indiana połączoną z czuwaniem różańcowym, dnia 14 lipca (sobota), wyjazd z parkingu przy kościele o godz. 4:30 pm, powrót około północy, cena $35.00 Czuwanie poprowadzi Ojciec Łukasz Kleczka. Prosimy o zabranie ze sobą różańca i świeczki. Zapisy po każdej Mszy Św. oraz w biurze parafialnym. Zapraszamy do wspólnej modlitwy. Pamiętajmy aby w Kościele zachować ubiór skromny. W Domu Bożym oddajemy cześć Bogu również naszym ubiorem. Nasz ubiór w kościele to nie tylko manifestacja naszego szacunku dla Boga, ale również szacunku dla innych wiernych - obowiązek, który podpowiada nam przykazanie miłości. To również świadectwo naszej wiary, swoista ewangelizacja w stosunku do tych, którzy w niedzielę do kościoła nie trafili - przypomnienie im o tym katolickim obowiązku, o tym, że to jest niedziela - Dzień Pański. Katolicka Szkoła Św. Franciszka Borgia w Chicago Przyjmuje zapisy na nowy rok szkolny 2018/ Szkoła oferuje: Małe klasy Wprowadzana i używana technologia Smart Board and ipad. Bezprzewodowe połączenia i klimatyzacja w całym budynku. Program przed i po zajęciach szkolnych dla dzieci ze względu na godziny pracy ich rodziców. Opłata $5 od dziecka za godzinę na końcu tygodnia. Programy artystyczne, muzyczne i sportowe oraz lekcje języka hiszpańskiego. Opłata: Rodzice którzy są zapisani oraz aktywni w parafii otrzymują zniżkę przy opłacie za szkołę. Program stypendium Cartias do 50% zniżki w opłacie za szkołe na 3 lata dla nowych rodzin. Dodatkowa pomoc finansowa jest możliwa, jeżeli rodzina kwalifikuje się po wypełnieniu aplikacji. W celu uzyskania dokładniejszej informacji prosimy o kontakt ze szkołą lub kancelarią parafialną.

10 Our Sacrificial Gifts of Time, Talent, & Treasure Budget for weekly collection: $10,600 Weekend collection - June 2/3: Mailing - $ 150 5:00 pm - $ 2,517 6:30 pm - $ 398 7:30 am - $ 2,073 9:00 am - $ 2,912 10:30 am - $ 1,073 12:00 pm - $ 1,024 1:30 pm - $ 2,371 6:00 pm - $ 660 Total - $ 13,178 Thank you for your generosity! Please remember St. Francis Borgia in your will. SFB FINANCE COUNCIL MEMBERS Jeannette Ash, Darlene Lehman, Robert Prochaska, Mary Ann Rosso, James Thompson, Martin Wojtulewicz READINGS FOR THE WEEK Monday: Acts 11:21b-26; 13:1-3; Ps 98:1-6; Mt 5:1-12 Tuesday: 1 Kgs 17:7-16; Ps 4:2-5, 7b-8; Mt 5:13-16 Wednesday: 1 Kgs 18:20-39; Ps 16:1b-2ab, 4, 5ab, 8, 11; Mt 5:17-19 Thursday: 1 Kgs 18:41-46; Ps 65:10-13; Mt 5:20-26 Friday: 1 Kgs 19:9a, 11-16; Ps 27:7-9abc, 13-14; Mt 5:27-32 Saturday: 1 Kgs 19:19-21; Ps 16:1b-2a, 5, 7-10; Mt 5:33-37 Sunday: Ez 17:22-24; Ps 92:2-3, 13-16; 2 Cor 5:6-10; Mk 4:26-34 SFB PARISH COUNCIL MEMBERS: Mary Ann Rosso (Chair), Teresa Helfand (Vice Chair), Grace Bajan, Mina D'Allesandro, Esther de la Torre, Judy Ehlert, James Guida, George Hickey, Mary McGeean, Lucja Mirowska, Nick Testa Date/Time Celebrant Lector Eucharistic Ministers Altar Servers Sat. June 16 5:00pm Fr. Joe Mulcrone M. Rosso T. Fulton, *M. Heider, T. Helfand G. Accardi, M. Accardi, P. Morrone Sun. June 17 7:30am Sun. June 17 9:00am, Polish Sun. June 17 10:30am Sun. June 17 12:00pm Sun. June 17 1:30pm, Polish Sun. June 17 6:00pm, Polish Fr. Joe Mulcrone Fr. Robert Lojek Fr. Michael Class Fr. Michael Class Fr. Robert Lojek Fr. Robert Fraczek A. Aguilar J. Guida, *P. Lupo, R. Schoewe L. Corbett, M. Hansen, R. Hansen C. Cudzich, W. Kolek C. Cudzich, M. Latko To Be Announced T. DeCaro B. Pacia, *F. Pacia, A. Jagiello D. Foley, H. Petzold, M. Petzold L. Sparacio B. Brieske, C. Brieske, *S. D Souza F. Borders, M. Borders, V. Szelc E. Lenart, E. Szwajnos B. Dos, K. Majka-Wojcik M. Skubik To Be Announced I. Mocarski To Be Announced Ushers Sacred Heart Side Blessed Virgin Side Saturday 5:00pm Sunday 7:30am Sunday 10:30am Sunday 12:00pm Sun. (Polish) 9:00am 1:30.6:00pm Marsha Ptasnik, James Thompson, Larry Brezinski Ernesto Cabias, Robert Lugo, J. Blair Raftree (co-lead usher), Stanley Starzec Stella Mendelowska, Teresa Pina-Rodriguez, Fernando Lego, Marjorie Lego, Michael Niebrzydowski Claudia Marure (co-lead usher), Casey Kucmierz, Philippe Couloute, John Gunerka Waldemar Farbisz (lead usher), Cezary Kozikowski, Jan Majka, Zygmunt Papciak, Julian Pyjor, Frank Wierzbicki, Marek Zabawa. Frank Cannataro (co-lead usher), Terry Renk, John Przywara Sr. Timothy Costa, Jackie Miller, Ed Szawica, Mary Anne Korkut Amadeo Gallo Anthony Siciliano, Jerry Piwinski, Toni DeCaro Thomas Guth Ireneusz Kura, Karol Latko,Kazimierz Mucha, Piotr Mysha, Jerry Kopczewski

11 St. Francis Borgia Church 8033 W. Addison St. Chicago, IL Rectory School Religious Education (FAX) (FAX) (FAX) Parish Staff Fr. Robert Lojek, Pastor Fr. Robert Fraczek, Associate Pastor Fr. Joseph Mulcrone, Resident Fr. Michael Class, SJ, Weekend Celebrant Mrs. Susan Betzolt, Principal Miss Ruthanne Swiatkowski, Religious Ed. Director Miss Anna Zawisza, Office Manager Mr. Martin Wojtulewicz, Business Manager Mr. Stanley Bajan, Church Technical Maintenance Mr. Anthony J. Woldeit, Music Director Mrs. Grazyna Bajan, Polish Mass Organist Rectory Office Hours Monday: 8:30 am - 12:00 pm; 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm; 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm Tuesday: 8:30 am - 12:00 pm; 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm Wednesday: 8:30 am -12 pm; 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm; 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm Thursday: 8:30 am - 12:00 pm; 1:00 pm - 4 :00 pm Saturday and Sunday: CLOSED Mass Intentions Telephone the rectory or stop by in person, Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:30 am and 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm.

12 CHURCH NAME & NUMBER # Saint Francis Borgia ADDRESS 8033 W. Addison Street Chicago, IL PHONE CONTACT PERSON ANNA SOFTWARE Microsoft Publisher 2007 Adobe Acrobat 9.0 Windows 7 Professional PRINTER HP Laserjet 2100 TRANSMISSION TIME Thursday 4:30 PM NUMBER OF PAGES SENT SUNDAY DATE OF BULLETIN SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS COLOR