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1 KARTA PRACY Gimnajum Test P klasie 2 III.1 Tój tening: Cytanie P t ó s ł a i y a ż e n i a 1 Pecytaj sła i ich tłumacenia. Następnie uupełnij luki yaami amki. sightseeing nickname public ganise und climbing Tuystyka all yea 1 pe cały k ancient stażytny be lcated najdać się (gdieś) be suunded (by sth) być tcnym (cymś) g t the seaside/lakeside jechać nad me / nad jei guest gść hike ędać (p góach) hstel schnisk lie n the beach leżeć na plaży luxuius luksusy muntain 2 spinacka góska muntainus góysty easnable pice sądna cena ecmmend plecać sailing żeglanie iedanie spts cente centum spte suntan palenina temple śiątynia tuist egin egin tuystycny Kultua be dedicated t sth być cemuś pśięcnym (np. jakimś ydaeniu) be held mieć miejsce, dbyać się bad 4 seka (licna) publicnść budget budżet caee kaiea chief 5 głóny ganiat cntempay spółcesny event ydaenie galley galeia independent nieależny 6 peisk suppt spacie take place mieć miejsce, dbyać się unusual nieykły R g e j s i ę 2 Dpasuj yay (1 6) d definicji (a f). 1 event a) say that smething is gd 2 ecmmend b) amunt f mney that yu can spend n smething nickname c) main, the mst imptant 4 budget d) visiting places f pleasue 5 chief e) an infmal name 6 sightseeing f) smething that happens, usually accding t a plan

2 KARTA PRACY Gimnajum Test P klasie 2 III.1 Tój tening: Cytanie P ć i c Pecytaj pisy tech schnisk i jedneg htelu, a następnie sta luki bakujące fagmenty (a e). Jeden fagment nie pasuje d żadnej luki. Tavini Hstel We e a small hstel in the heat f Flence. Ou lcatin is ideal f tuists h cme t the city. 1 and the Uffii Galley is a five-minute alk. If yu stay ith us, yu hliday ill be eveything but bing. Dña Catalina Ou hstel is in a small tn n the famus Csta del Sl (eathe guaanteed!) All u guests agee that e e an ideal place f all thse h like a tue seaside hliday and a ndeful suntan. Villa Schinge We ae lcated in a small village hidden in the Austian Alps.. (they cme t ski and d the inte spts) and in the summe (they hike and climb the muntains). Bth gups say that the vies ae beathtaking. Dlce Vita Htel Ou tn is the best place in the suth f Italy. And u htel is the mst luxuius in the tn. Yu seaside hliday ill be full f attactins. We have a big spts cente just next t us ith a vey ich ffe. Apat fm that, 4... t the ancient Rman temples. a) The beach is vey clse and vey nice. b) lcal tuist cmpanies ganise tips c) We have visits in the inte d) thee is a estauant ffeing the best Cech dishes e) We e clse t all the famus places in the city 2

3 KARTA PRACY Gimnajum Test P klasie 2 III.1 Tój tening: Cytanie 4 Pecytaj ba teksty, a następnie pdkeśl łaście dpiedi na pytania 1 5. TEXT A Glastnbuy Festival The mst famus and the lagest music festival in the UK is held nea the tn f Glastnbuy in the English cunty f Smeset. The fficial name f the event is the Glastnbuy festival f Cntempay Pefming Ats. It alays takes place in June, but it is nt held evey yea. F example, thee as n festival in All the festivals since 1970 have been held in the same place ned by a man called Michael Eavis. He is the chief ganise f the festival. Apat fm that, he is a fame. The place f the festival is simply his fam. Duing the festival it changes int a cded place ith thusands f peple. They cme t listen t cncets f geat pp and ck musicians. The geatest attactin ae f cuse the atists. In ecent yeas stas like Beyncé, Gilla and Cldplay have played at the festivals. Heve, the event has the things t ffe. Thee ae unusual cnstuctins built in the festival aea. One f them is a stage in the shape f a pyamid. Anthe ne is a stne cicle simila t Stnehenge. TEXT B Sundance Film Festival Evey Januay, Pak City in Utah, USA, is hme t the Sundance Film festival, dedicated t independent films. This means that they ae made ithut suppt fm the big film cmpanies. Such films have small budgets and ae nt advetised vey much. Thanks t festivals like Sundance, they can becme knn t the bade public. The festival stated in the 1970s in Salt Lake City. At fist, it as simply the Utah/US festival. In the 1980 s it mved t Pak City. Als the name f the festival as changed. Ove the yeas it became vey ppula. Seveal famus film diects stated thei caees hee. F example, ne f them is Quentin Taantin. His fist big success as Resevi Dgs shn at Sundance in The name f the festival has a cmplicated sty. It cmes fm the Sundance Kid, a le played by Rbet Redfd in a famus Westen. The Sundance Kid as a nickname f a eal gangste living aund The nickname cmes fm a tn in Wyming hee the ciminal as kept in pisn. Of cuse, the festival is nt held in Sundance, Wyming. In hich text: 1 can the festival be cnnected ith a name f a ciminal? Text A / Text B 2 ae pefmes n diffeently shaped stages? Text A / Text B did the festival change its name? Text A / Text B 4 is the festival nt held evey yea? Text A / Text B 5 des the festival take place in the inte? Text A / Text B

4 KARTA PRACY Gimnajum Test P klasie 2 III.1 Tój tening: Cytanie S p a ź i d s ę 5 Pecytaj tekst, a następnie sta luki bakujące dania (a e). Jedn danie nie pasuje d żadnej luki. An Eisteddfd is a festival f liteatue, music and pefmance that takes place in Wales evey yea in the fist eek f August. 1 Pets and musicians fm all ve the cunty ee invited t the meeting. At the beginning, the paticipants ee pfessinal Welsh bads and in the 16th centuy the pies ee: a small silve chai t the successful pet, a silve tngue t the best singe and a tiny silve hap t the best hapist. 2 It lasts eight days and thee ae cmpetitins and pefmances nly in the Welsh language. It takes place eithe in the nth the suth f Wales. The Llangllen Intenatinal Musical Eisteddfd is anthe Welsh music festival. The festival takes place in Llangllen in Nth Wales. Pefmes fm all aund the ld ae alled t take pat in this cmpetitin. 4 The idea f bth festivals: The Natinal Eistedfdd f Wales and The Llangllen Intenatinal Musical Eisteddfd is t pmte the ich cultue and taditin f Wales. a) Nadays The Natinal Eisteddfd f Wales is the lagest festival f music and pety in Eupe. b) It takes place evey yea, duing the secnd eek f July. c) They play music fm diffeent cntinents: Eupe, Asia, Afica and Latin Ameica. d) Ove the six days f the event, abut five thusand singes pefm t audiences f me than fifty thusand. e) The fist Eisteddfd as pbably held in the 12th centuy. 4

5 KARTA PRACY Gimnajum Test P klasie 2 III.1 Tój tening: Cytanie 6 Pecytaj infmacje tech sbach a cteech miejscach, któych mżna spędić akacje. Pypądkuj każdej sbie miejsce, któe najbadiej by jej się pdbał. Jedn miejsce nie pasuje d żadnej sby. Tey: I am an at student and n my hlidays I like t visit at galleies and histical places. As a student I have a limited budget s I d nt stay at luxuius htels. I usually tavel ith my ucksack. Wheneve I g n a tip, I like t ty ut diffeent kinds f fd. I d nt live n fast fd, that s nt f me. Keith: On hlidays I ant t be fa fm cded places. I like t est and elax in a peaceful place. I dn t ant t be active I ant t spend time ding nthing, just lking at the aves n the sea. I als like taditinal English cuisine. Diana: Afte a busy time at the univesity my fiends and I like t sit in the paks and just enjy natue. We als lve andeing aund. In the evenings, e smetimes g t the theate. We alays plan u hlidays many mnths ealie. As f me, I pefe ld cities t mden attactins. A Millenium Ldge We e situated in the cente f Lndn. Yu can easily get t the main attactins f the city eithe by tube bus. Yu can spend the eekend in u hstel that ffes ms at easnable pices. The neaby estauants ffe a vaiety f dishes fm diffeent cunties. C Bute s Htel Ou 5-sta htel is lcated in the heat f Cadiff. We ffe a vey high standad f ms, a simming pl, a gym, 5 tennis cuts and a glf cuse. Bute s Htel is an ideal place t stat a tu f the city. Cadiff is lved especially by yung peple. Thee ae plenty f pubs in the city cente. If yu e inteested in histy, yu can visit Cadiff Castle ne f the neaby medieval villages: Csmestan St Fagans. We ganise guided tus t! B City Hstel We e lcated nea the Btanic Gaden in Edinbugh. Ou hstel is f thse h like t be clse t natue and h like t alk. The tanspt t the city cente is gd but the best ay t exple the histic places in Edinbugh is n ft. If yu cme in August, yu may see The Finge Festival, but emembe, yu have t bk fa in advance! D Devn Guesthuse Ou guesthuse is situated in Plymuth, the lagest city in Devn, a cunty in the suth-esten pat f England. It s an inteesting city t visit and, me imptantly, u guesthuse is velking the sea. Yu can enjy a geat taditinal English beakfast in u guesthuse. It s a ppula tuist egin yu can enjy sailing and alking alng the ndeful beaches hee. Tey Keith Diana 5