SAINT FABIAN CATHOLIC COMMUNITY. Our Mission is to be a Reflective and Active Presence of Jesus Christ in the Community.

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1 SAINT FABIAN CATHOLIC COMMUNITY Our Mission is to be a Reflective and Active Presence of Jesus Christ in the Community. We are called by God as the Baptized Community of Saint Fabian to Embody the Risen Christ we Experience as Savior, Teacher, Healer, Peacemaker, Compassionate Lover Embracer of all Cultures and Ages, Celebrator, Comforter, Servant, Host, Entrance and Guide United in faith as Daughters and Sons, we live and celebrate God s Presence


3 PAGE 3 THIRD SUNDAY OF ADVENT DECEMBER 17, 2017 READINGS FOR THIS WEEKEND FIRST READING: ISAIAH 61:1-2A, GOSPEL: JOHN 1:6-8, The spirit of the Lord GOD is upon me, because the LORD has anointed me; he has sent me to bring glad tidings to the poor, to heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives and release to the prisoners, to announce a year of favor from the LORD and a day of vindication by our God. I rejoice heartily in the LORD, in my God is the joy of my soul; for he has clothed me with a robe of salvation and wrapped me in a mantle of justice, like a bridegroom adorned with a diadem, like a bride bedecked with her jewels. As the earth brings forth its plants, and a garden makes its growth spring up, so will the Lord GOD make justice and praise spring up before all the nations. SECOND READING: 1 THESSALONIANS 5:16-24 Brothers and sisters: Rejoice always. Pray without ceasing. In all circumstances give thanks, for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus. Do not quench the Spirit. Do not despise prophetic utterances. Test everything; retain what is good. Refrain from every kind of evil. May the God of peace make you perfectly holy and may you entirely, spirit, soul, and body, be preserved blameless for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. The one who calls you is faithful, and he will also accomplish it. A man named John was sent from God. He came for testimony, to testify to the light, so that all might believe through him. He was not the light, but came to testify to the light. And this is the testimony of John. When the Jews from Jerusalem sent priests and Levites to him to ask him, "Who are you?" He admitted and did not deny it, but admitted, "I am not the Christ." So they asked him, "What are you then? Are you Elijah?" And he said, "I am not." "Are you the Prophet?" He answered, "No." So they said to him, "Who are you, so we can give an answer to those who sent us? What do you have to say for yourself?" He said: "I am the voice of one crying out in the desert, 'make straight the way of the Lord,'" as Isaiah the prophet said." Some Pharisees were also sent. They asked him, "Why then do you baptize if you are not the Christ or Elijah or the Prophet?" John answered them, "I baptize with water; but there is one among you whom you do not recognize, the one who is coming after me, whose sandal strap I am not worthy to untie." This happened in Bethany across the Jordan, where John was baptizing.

4 PAGE 4 THIRD SUNDAY OF ADVENT DECEMBER 17, 2017 ADORATION of the BLESSED SACRAMENT Come visit Jesus in the Chapel anytime this Monday from: 12:00 Noon to 6:30 p.m. Benediction will be at 6:15 p.m. Joy is prayer Joy is strength Joy is love...she gives most who gives with joy. The best way to show our gratitude to to accept everything with joy. A joyful heart is the inevitable result of a heart burning with love. Saint Mother Teresa Please Note: The 2 Monday s December 25th and January 1st, the Adoration Chapel will be closed for both Holidays. We will resume on Monday, January 8, Rejoice The Society of St. Vincent de Paul Our needs for this month include: Jelly, Mac & Cheese, Peanut Butter Please check expiration dates. We cannot accept items that are expired. December Food Pantry pick-up: Monday - December 18, 2017 Hours: 10 a.m. - 12:00 noon Your continued support is very much appreciated! TREASURES FROM OUR TRADITION Last week, we looked at a form of nativity scene called a presipio, characterized by framing the crèche of Jesus with a vast array of personalities and a rich geographical context. The tradition was carried to the New World, and finds very rich expression in Latin America today. While in Europe the presepio was reserved mostly to the homes of wealthy nobles and great churches, in Latin America it was claimed by the poor and expressed the skills of native artisans. In Mexico, you can still find clay figures in every village market. In a way, the native people took the religion of Spanish rule and baptized it with their Indian culture by surrounding the crib of Jesus with local geography and people. In Brazil, where Christmas falls in summer, the figure of the baby Jesus is wrapped in gold and gems, and set on a hillside surrounded by flowers and animals of all kinds. Sometimes there is a double presepio, presenting both Nativity and Crucifixion. In some places in Latin America, even nonreligious people take care to have a presepio in the home, sometimes dedicating one whole room in the house or apartment to the scene. Some cities have markets where people from the countryside sell plants and figurines. In Cuzco, churches and families provide hot chocolate for the children of the poor who come down to help create the nativity scenes. In Paraguay, the baby Jesus grows the small infant who arrives on Christmas Eve is replaced at New Year with a toddler Jesus who holds in one hand the globe and in the other a cross. Few Christmas traditions have the vitality and variety of presepios and crèches honoring the Nativity. Rev. James Field, Copyright J. S. Paluch Co. READINGS FOR THE WEEK Monday: Jer 23:5-8; Ps 72:1-2, 12-13, 18-19; Mt 1:18-25 Tuesday: Jgs 13:2-7, 24-25a; Ps 71:3-4a, 5-6ab, 16-17; Lk 1:5-25 Wednesday: Is 7:10-14; Ps 24:1-4ab, 5-6; Lk 1:26-38 Thursday: Sg 2:8-14 or Zep 3:14-18a; Friday: Ps 33:2-3, 11-12, 20-21; Lk 1: Sm 1:24-28; 1 Sm 2:1, 4-8abcd; Lk 1:46-56 Saturday: Mal 3:1-4, 23-24; Ps 25:4-5ab, 8-10, 14; Lk 1:57-66 Sunday: 2 Sm 7:1-5, 8b-12, 14a, 16; Ps 89:2-5, 27, 29; Rom 16:25-27; Lk 1:26-38 Rejoice always. Pray without ceasing. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-17

5 PAGE 5 THIRD SUNDAY OF ADVENT DECEMBER 17, 2017 Let justice descend, O heavens, like dew from above, like gentle rain let the skies drop it down. Let the earth open and salvation bud forth; let justice also spring up! Isaiah: 45 Third Week of Advent The Third Sunday of Advent offers us more of the promise. The words used by the prophet Isaiah to describe God's vindication are the ones Jesus points to as describing his own mission: The spirit of the Lord GOD is upon me, because the LORD has anointed me; he has sent me to bring glad tidings to the poor, to heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives and release to the prisoners, to announce a year of favor from the LORD and a day of vindication by our God. We continue to focus on the first readings in this first part of Advent. From the Book of Numbers, we have the proclamation that a star shall advance from Jacob... Zephaniah is the prophet of impending doom, if the people don't abandon their idolatry. But this week we read about consoling healing, on that day, when the Lord comes. Isaiah's message is full of promise: Turn to me and be safe... for I am God; there is no other! God promises us, with great tenderness I will take you back, and My house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples. On Saturday, we reach the December 17th and in these last eight days of Advent the focus returns to the gospels with stories from Jesus' family in the time before he was born. In Matthew's genealogy, we see the ancestors of Jesus. On the Fourth Sunday of Advent, we read Luke's Gospel of the Annunciation, the moment when a troubled Mary is told she has found favor with God and she will conceive and bear a son. She questions: How can this be, since I have no relations with a man? Then declaring herself the handmaiden of the Lord, she accepts: May it be done to me according to your word. Daily Prayer This Week This third week of Advent, begins with Gaudete (rejoice!) Sunday. Our daily prayer continues to allow us to become much more concrete about naming our desires and preparing the way for the Lord. We begin this week with joy, knowing that our celebration of all the ways our Lord comes to us is getting nearer. In these familiar readings is an invitation to us to ask again for help, perhaps especially in dealing with our fears. On Tuesday we hear God's message to us Isaiah: Fear not. You shall not be put to shame. Fear can stop us from asking God for the very help we need in our lives. In the midst of what our culture tells us should be a picture-perfect holiday season, we can step back and get in touch with our fears and ask God to help us deal with the relationships we are afraid of, the family tensions that make us apprehensive and the stress that can take us out of the spirit of Advent reflection. If we pause for just a minute, we can feel in our hearts that Jesus is saying gently to us each day: Do not be afraid. These very busy days can still be a time for us to focus our desires, perhaps each morning at the side of our bed, while in the shower or while going about our daily errands. We can ask God to remind us again that what we are doing in our daily lives is touched by the sacred because God is present in even the most mundane tasks. Lord, let me place my trust in you. I get so independent and think I need to fix everything myself. Let me remember not to be afraid of so much and to ask you for the healing that my heart needs so badly. Give me the patience this week to deal with the relationships in my life that need mending and the forgiveness that I can give others and that I need so badly myself. Be with me through the darkness so that I can see the light that you bring to us and the joy with which you want to fill our hearts. We are moving toward the end of our Advent journey. Even if we don't feel like we have started on Advent yet, we can begin today. We are being invited: Do not be afraid! Taken from the "Weekly Guide for Daily Prayer" on the Creighton University's Online Ministries web site: Used with permission.

6 PAGE 6 THIRD SUNDAY OF ADVENT DECEMBER 17, th Year Celebration Southwest Fil-Am Catholic Community Ihanda ang Ilyong Puso Simbang Gabi is a Filipino catholic tradition of celebrating a novena (series of nine) of Advent evening masses. It is meant to help the Filipino- American and other Catholics in the area to intensify their spiritual preparation for the grace-filled celebration of Christmas. The nine host parishes invite the parishioners, families and friends to celebrate Simbang Gabi with them each night CHRISTMAS SCHEDULE: CHRISTMAS EVE: Sunday, December 24th 4:00PM [English] 9:30 PM [Polish] MIDNIGHT [English] CHRISTMAS DAY: Monday, December 25th 8:00AM, 9:30AM, 11:00AM [English] 6:30AM, 12:45PM [Polish] Note: No 7:00 PM Polish Mass. Date LET US PREPARE OUR HEARTS FOR THE COMING OF OUR SAVIOR Hosting Parish Sunday Dec. 17 St. Bernadette 7:00 p.m W. Francisco Ave. Evergreen Park, IL Monday Dec. 18 St. Fabian 7:00 p.m S. Thomas Bridgeview, IL Tuesday Dec. 19 St. Michael 7:00 p.m Highland Ave. Orland Park, IL Wednesday Dec. 20 St. Anselm 7:00 p.m S. Michigan Ave. Chicago, IL Thursday Dec. 21 St. Francis of Assisi 7:00 p.m Wolf Road Orland Park, IL Friday Dec 22 St. Albert the Great 7:00 p.m S. State Road Burbank, IL


8 PAGE 8 THIRD SUNDAY OF ADVENT DECEMBER 17, 2017 A life that touches others goes on forever... Have you ever wanted to do something special for your loved ones when they pass away? Well, here is your opportunity to do that. The St. Fabian s Women s Club has been the care taker for the Barbara Miarka Scholarship Fund for the past sixteen years. Sixty scholarships have been given out to deserving students to help with their college education. The Scholarship Program is slowly running out of funds. You can help a deserving student with their college expenses by donating to the Scholarship Fund in the name of your loved one. Any donation big or small will help a college bound student to reach their goal and will be a lasting remembrance in your loved one s name. You can make a check payable to the St. Fabian s Scholarship Fund in the name of your relatives, friends or neighbors. Just put their name in an envelope with your donation in the Women s Club box in the Sacristy or bring it to the Rectory addressed to the Women s Club attention. If you have any questions, call Alice at Thanks so much for your consideration in this matter. The Woman s Club Scholarship Committee In Memory Of Della & Stanley Lupa Lawrence J. DuPraw, Sr. Joseph Patrick Suffern Angela Inguagiato Lucille Terry Owen Andrew Patellaro Sadie Albano Sam Burt Karen M. Gimza Manny Koloffon Len Karczewski Karen Herbert Zophie Surowiec Scott Holz Tony & Kay Pasek

9 PAGE 9 THIRD SUNDAY OF ADVENT DECEMBER 17, 2017 Becoming a Minister of Praise Would you be interested in becoming a Minister of Praise? It s the perfect ministry for seniors, the homebound, the chronically ill, and anyone who feels the power of prayer. A Minister of Praise prays for the people on our sick list and the special intentions we send you. If you re interested, please contact Paula Daley, Ministry of Care Director, at to be added to our address list. You ll receive a prayer book, a small rosary and a newsletter published four times a year with the names of the sick people in our parish and a list of special intentions to pray for. Think about it PRAYER is a quiet yet powerful force. Parish Registration forms can be found on the counter in the Narthex. Simply complete the form and drop it in any collection basket. Ministry of Care Sick List Sick are Prayed for Weekly Each week you will find a list entitled Pray for the Sick hanging in the Narthex in four locations. On the top is listed all those parishioners who are in the hospital that particular week. The individuals on the lower half of the sheet have asked to be kept on the list or are terminal. All of these names are placed in the Intention Basket which is carried up at the Offertory and are prayed for at all the Masses. If you know of anyone who should be added or deleted from this list, please contact Paula Daley, Ministry of Care Director, at (708) Note, this list is different from those on our Sick List in the weekly Bulletin. Want To Pray For Someone? It's easy. Just fill out an intention slip in the back of church and place it in the basket prior to Mass starting. At Offertory time the basket is brought up at each Mass and your intention will be prayed for at all SEVEN Masses on any given weekend. Now that's ALOT OF PRAYERS! The basket is emptied weekly and the same cycle will repeat itself. So each time you come to church, fill out a slip. Also note that all the names listed on the "Sick List" (posted in four places in the Narthex) are placed in this basket every week. Now for long term prayers, there is a Wishing Well sitting on the counter in the narthex. Just fill out that slip and you will be assigned a person to pray for your particular intention for as long as you want, depending on what you write on the slip. Prayer is our communication with God. So let's keep them coming! Paula Daley - Ministry of Care (Prayer) Director Parishioners of St Fabian: The entrance on the south side of the church has a space that we dedicate to our military. We have pictures of service members in this case for everyone to see and pray for their safety. In the coming months, we would like the families that supplied these pictures to contact us to confirm if their family member is still in the service or has finished their tour of duty and whether or not you would like the picture returned. If so, please contact: Joellyn McGuire, YNC-USN (Ret) Phone:

10 PAGE 10 THIRD SUNDAY OF ADVENT DECEMBER 17, 2017 Weekly Collection July 1, June 30, 2018 Weekly Goal: $10, December 10, 2017 $9, Year-to-date Deficit: $ 21, ST. FABIAN CHURCH IS IN NEED OF MORE ALTAR SERVERS! ~ Quips from Deacon Charlie ~ Prayer for the Week: Dear Father, today as I cross paths with others around me, make my heart happy that I may share with them the hope only You can offer. Thought for the Week: May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him. ~ Romans 15:13 We need your HELP! Children from 4th grade up are welcome to serve at any of our four Masses on the weekend. Servers usually participate in one or two Masses per month, however they can serve more often if they like. The 8:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. Masses need the most help! Training is provided. If your child is interested in helping the parish and being an active part of the church, please contact Altar Server Coordinator Paula Kroll at (847) to help schedule a training hour. PRAY FOR OUR FRIENDS AND RELATIVES IN THE MILITARY Jonathon Aguirre, Kenneth W. Annel, Junior Browren, Anthony Gonzalez, Maria Gross, Troy Gryga, Joseph Klaus, Thomas Hummel, Michelle Klaus, Christopher Koutsis, David Leyden, Patrick Leyden, Wayne G. Lewen, Jr., David Malinowski, Kevin McEnaney, Ryan McHeffy, Michael Michalek, Steve Otten, Mike Snee, Anthony Spear, Richard Stone, Luke Tatar, Christopher Thomas, Melanie Thomas, Steve Williams, Joel Winter, Robert Wnek LORD, HOLD OUR TROOPS IN YOUR LOVING HANDS. PROTECT THEM AS THEY PROTECT US. BLESS THEM FOR THE SELFLESS ACTS THEY PERFORM FOR US. AMEN Important Polish School Notice: Polish School will NOT be in session on Saturday, December 23rd. Polish Advent Mission Sunday - December 17, 2017 at all Polish Masses CONFESSION in Polish & English begins at 5:00 p.m. on Sunday - December 17, 2017.

11 PAGE 11 THIRD SUNDAY OF ADVENT DECEMBER 17, 2017 SACRAMENTAL SCHEDULE SUNDAY EUCHARIST: [English] 8:00, 9:30, 11:00 AM (Saturday 5:00 PM) [Polish] 6:30 AM, 12:45 & 7:00 PM DAILY EUCHARIST: 9:00 AM (Monday - Friday) HOLY DAY EUCHARIST: Scheduled prior to the holy day. RECONCILIATION: Saturday: 4:00 4:45 PM MARRIAGE: Call the Parish Office 6 months in advance. BAPTISM: English - 1st Sunday at 3p.m.; Polish - 2nd & 4th Sunday at 12:45 Mass. No Exceptions. Call the Parish Office to schedule. Parents must attend preparation session. ANOINTING: Call the Parish Office when serious illness occurs :00 PM 6:30 AM 8:00 AM 9:30 AM 11:00 AM 12:45 PM 7:00 PM Lector 1 R. Holz I. Slota J. Vojtanek D. Urbaniak D. McGuire J. Mateja Lector 2 J. Jenkins T. Wroblewska K. Surwillo J. Pawlicki V. Vogel A. Swietoslawski Lector 3 E. Jedynasty Host 1 M.A. Moisan E. Jedynasty A. Montoya C. Shubert J. McGuire H. Rusnak Host 1A J. Schultz I. Slota F. Polansky D. Pospishil K. Tylka Host 3 E. Nathan M. Guerrero J. Latona Y. Dugic A. Swietoslawski Host 4 A. Hallman R. Kavales M. Fonseca J. DeLara Wine 1 A. DuPraw B. Obrochta D. Moriarty J. Frydrychowski Wine 1A D. Meldazis T. Bosworth A. Cortes Wine 2 Deacon Ron Deacon Ron Deacon Tom Deacon Tom Wine 3 S. Dedic M. Obrochta J. Ormins S. Huskey Wine 4 D. Fierke L. Guerrero P. Swiatkowski P. Kroll A. Jenkins T. Gomez A. Urbaniak G. Cichore J. Thomas A. Cichore There is NO 7:00 PM 4th Sunday of Advent Mass Our Christmas Eve Mass Schedule is: English Mass: 4:00 PM and Midnight Polish Mass: 9:30 PM MASS INTENTIONS FOR THE WEEK REMEMBER THE SICK OF OUR PARISH IN YOUR PRAYERS Sunday, December 17, :30 AM Wiktoria i Jozef Kopec, Jan Pawlik, Stanislaw Greczek, Ciszek & Cichorz Families, Anna i Jan Juchas, Zdzislaw Jakubczak, Anna Janczy, Mateusz Rostkowski 8:00 AM John Peregrym, Stanley Lach, Miquel Narea, Jessica Walsh (safe delivery), Capjak Family (Healing) 9:30 AM Nora, Anne & John Leyden, Jan Peregrym, Pawel Hudak, Isabel Bujnowski, People of The Parish 11:00 AM Stanley Karbarz, Joe & Halina Reczek, Jozef & Krystyna (Health & Blessings), Lucille Christakos, Art Cortes (in Thanksgiving), Leonardo Marzan, Jr., (Health & Blessings) 12:45 PM Jozef Ligas, Robert Janik, Jozef Liptak, Robert Plewa, Pawel Lojek, Jacenty i Maria Parzatka, Aleksandra Parzatka, Francis Powrozek 7:00 PM Jozef Komperda, Rozalia Kowalczyk, Maria Suwada, Jozef Czop, Wladyslaw Czop, Teresa Stoch, Janina Bauch, Wladyslaw Boron Monday, December 18, :00 AM John Cyscon, Sr. 7:00 PM [Simbang Gabi] Maria E. Casteneda Tuesday, December 19, :00 AM Marge Wallin, Ervin Frydrychowski Wednesday, December 20, :00 AM Gerry Ornelas Thursday, December 21, :00 AM Dolores Perczynski Friday, December 22, :00 AM Irene Zbilut, William & Mary Schmidt, Teresa Stoch Saturday, December 23, :00 PM Frank & Richard Grodz, Albert Flakus, Virginia DeFriend, Okowinski & Rafacz Families, Teresa Stoch, Ella Woods (Health & Blessings) Sunday, December 24, :30 AM 8:00 AM 9:30 AM 11:00 AM 12:45 PM 7:00 PM All Masses on the 4th Sunday of Advent are for the People of the Parish. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Masses are offered for the people of St. Fabian, for their families and friends, and for all our Parish Benefactors, living and deceased. Luz Acevado Marcus Aguilar Joseph Aniol Betty Armstrong Elizabeth Lee Ascensio Katie Aston Jerolyn Auton Bud, Theresa & Christina Baldwin Joan Bedalow David Bender David Bergquist Cathy Bice Joe Bizub Fr. Ted Bojczuk Lynn Callahan John Ciciora Sam Clanton Rita Conetzkey Matthew Coughlin Mary Jane Crowhurst Marlene Curran D Agostino Family Mary Daniels Avery DiBow Carmen Di Miele Cathy Duska Mary Anne Dyer David & Robert Dziedzic Joyce Dziedzic Raymond Figura Nicholas Fillion Carol Fiore Michael Fox Karen Fulton Rosalio Garcia, Sr. Patricia Gardner Gilbert Garza Agnes Geary Eric Gefvert Eric Ginther Karen Gleasner Joanna Glow Jose Gomez Irene Graff Nancy Granato Pat Guglielmo Beverly Hadley Randall Harding Rusty Harding Michael Herbert Jay Higginson Rachel & Thomas Hernandez Rosemarie Hidalgo Bob Horstmann Natalie Horvath Edward & Janina Hosaniak Wilma Hudson Stephanie Huskey Marilyn Jaborski-Borowy Walter Jachec Arlene Jaguszewski Denise & Richard Jandura Eugene F. Janus Elmer Javier Rev. Robert J. Kash Denis Kazelas Nora Kazmierczak Dana Kladis Roman Klepczarek Bernadine & Joeph Kolodziejczak Daniel Kobylarczyk Velta Kopacek June Krzyston Theresa Kulpa Evelyn Lopezalles Joseph Lubas Joyce Lubas Bill & Whitney Luke Eileen & Michael McMillan Christine Madera Thomas Mahon Debra Major Graeniel Lance Manuel Maria C. Martinez Selva Martinez John McNally John & Kate Meade Grace Medina Mary Meldazis John Methven David Michaels Stacey Misicka Ido Moisan Susan Morris Ron Mystek Paola Navarrete Joyce Netecke Zofia Niemyjski Linda Norcutt Carmella Smiley - Norvell Danuta Nowak Margareta Odehmal Erik Oller Mary Olszewski Joan Ormins Steve Otten Mary D. Owens Linda Panos Barbara Pazin Chester Perczynski Virginia Petri Dolores Polkow Marie & Richard Pollak Ken Porter Pam Purcel Geno & Millie Purpura Iracema Galvani Quinete Meg A. Radcliff Cyn Rajewski Adam Raj Mary Margaret Riccio Irena Rolak Bonnie Scepkowski Justin Sewers Michael Patrick Shilney Alfred Skrobot Vivian Spanczak David Sterling Lillian Stricker Joseph Studnicki Baby George Sylvester Mary Tadda Julie Teninty Barbara Thomas Thomas Tortorella Judy Venard Maci Villareal Alice Wagner Denise Warda Jack Wasielewski George Wasinski David Weaver Iza Weisenritter Melanie Williams Eileen & Robert Wilson Pamela Wojdyla Patrick J. Woods Benedict Yerkes Jerome Zaccaro Helena Zeglin Tom Zielinski Lillian Zielnik Rachel Zimmer Tommy Zimmer

12 PAGE 12 THIRD SUNDAY OF ADVENT DECEMBER 17, 2017 PIERWSZE CZYTANIE Iz 61, 1-2a Ogromnie siê weselê w Panu Czytanie z Ksiêgi proroka Izajasza Duch Pañski nade mn¹, bo Pan mnie namaœci³. Pos³a³ mnie, by g³osiæ dobr¹ nowinê ubogim, by opatrywaæ rany serc z³amanych, by zapowiadaæ wyzwolenie jeñcom i wiêÿniom swobodê; aby obwieszczaæ rok ³aski u Pana. Ogromnie siê weselê w Panu, dusza moja raduje siê w Bogu moim, bo mnie przyodzia³ w szaty zbawienia, okry³ mnie p³aszczem sprawiedliwoœci, jak oblubieñca, który wk³ada zawój, jak oblubienicê strojn¹ w swe klejnoty. Zaiste, jak ziemia wydaje swe plony, jak ogród rozplenia swe zasiewy, tak Pan Bóg sprawi, e siê rozpleni sprawiedliwoœæ i chwalba wobec wszystkich narodów. Oto S³owo Bo e. PSALM RESPONSORYJNY: k 1,46-48,49-50,53-54 Duch mój siê raduje w Bogu, Zbawcy moim. Wielbi dusza moja Pana, i raduje siê duch mój w Bogu, Zbawcy moim. Bo wejrza³ na uni enie swojej s³u ebnicy, oto bowiem odt¹d b³ogos³awiæ mnie bêd¹ wszystkie pokolenia. Gdy wielkie rzeczy uczyni³ mi Wszechmocny, œwiête jest imiê Jego. A Jego mi³osierdzie z pokolenia na pokolenie nad tymi, co siê Go boj¹. G³odnych CZYTANIA NA NIEDZIELÊ nasyci³ dobrami, a bogatych z niczym odprawi³. Uj¹³ siê za swoim s³ug¹, Izraelem, pomny na swe mi³osierdzie. Duch mój siê raduje w Bogu, Zbawcy moim. DRUGIE CZYTANIE 1 Tes 5,16-24 Przygotujcie duszê i cia³o na przyjœcie Pana Czytanie z Pierwszego Listu œwiêtego Paw³a Aposto³a do Tesaloniczan Bracia: Zawsze siê radujcie, nieustannie siê módlcie. W ka dym po³o eniu dziêkujcie, taka jest bowiem wola Bo a w Jezusie Chrystusie wzglêdem was. Ducha nie gaœcie, proroctwa nie lekcewa cie. Wszystko badajcie, a co szlachetne - zachowujcie. Unikajcie wszystkiego, co ma choæby pozór z³a. Sam Bóg pokoju niech was ca³kowicie uœwiêca, aby nienaruszony duch wasz, dusza i cia³o bez zarzutu zachowa³y siê na przyjœcie Pana naszego Jezusa Chrystusa. Wierny jest Ten, który was wzywa: On te tego dokona. Oto S³owo Bo e. ŒPIEW PRZED EWANGELI : Iz 61,1 Alleluja, Alleluja, Alleluja Duch Pañski nade mn¹, pos³a³ mnie g³osiæ dobr¹ nowinê ubogim. Alleluja, Alleluja, Alleluja EWANGELIA J 1, Jan Chrzciciel przygotowuje przyjœcie Chrystusa S³owa Ewangelii wed³ug œwiêtego Jana Pojawi³ siê cz³owiek pos³any przez Boga, Jan mu by³o na imiê. Przyszed³ on na œwiadectwo, aby zaœwiadczyæ o Œwiat³oœci, by wszyscy uwierzyli przez niego. Nie by³ on œwiat³oœci¹, lecz pos³anym, aby zaœwiadczyæ o Œwiat³oœci. Takie jest œwiadectwo Jana. Gdy ydzi wys³ali do niego z Jerozolimy kap³anów i lewitów z zapytaniem: Kto ty jesteœ?, on wyzna³, a nie zaprzeczy³, oœwiadczaj¹c: Ja nie jestem Mesjaszem. Zapytali go: Có zatem? Czy jesteœ Eliaszem?. Odrzek³: Nie jestem. Czy ty jesteœ prorokiem?. Odpar³: Nie!. Powiedzieli mu wiêc: Kim jesteœ, abyœmy mogli daæ odpowiedÿ tym, którzy nas wys³ali? Co mówisz sam o sobie?. Odpowiedzia³: Jam g³os wo³aj¹cego na pustyni: Prostujcie drogê Pañsk¹, jak powiedzia³ prorok Izajasz. A wys³annicy byli spoœród faryzeuszów. I zadawali mu pytania, mówi¹c do niego: Czemu zatem chrzcisz, skoro nie jesteœ ani Mesjaszem, ani Eliaszem, ani prorokiem?. Jan im tak odpowiedzia³: Ja chrzczê wod¹. Poœród was stoi Ten, którego wy nie znacie, który po mnie idzie, a któremu ja nie jestem godzien odwi¹zaæ rzemyka u Jego sanda³a. Dzia³o siê to w Betanii, po drugiej stronie Jordanu, gdzie Jan udziela³ chrztu. Oto s³owo Pañskie.

13 PAGE 13 THIRD SUNDAY OF ADVENT DECEMBER 17, 2017 INFORMACJE DOTYCZ CE DUSZPASTERSTWA W JÊZYKU POLSKIM ORAZ GODZINY URZÊDOWANIA W BIURZE PARAFIALNYM W ci¹gu ca³ego roku porz¹dek Mszy œw. w niedziele w jêzyku polskim jest nastêpuj¹cy: 6:30 AM, 12:45 PM i 7:00 PM Biuro Parafialne Czynne Poniedzia³ek - Pi¹tek 9:00 rano - 9:00 wieczorem (przerwa na lunch) Sobota - Niedziela 9:00 rano - 2:00 po po³udniu W Pierwszy Pi¹tek miesi¹ca: Msza œwiêta z nabo eñstwem I-pi¹tkowym o godz. 7:00 PM Chrzty œw. w jêzyku polskim odbywaj¹ siê w II i IV niedzielê miesi¹ca w czasie Mszy œw. o godz. 12:45PM. Przygotowania rodziców i chrzestnych do tego sakramentu odbywaj¹ siê w I i III niedzielê ka dego miesiêca o godz. 2:00 P.M., w sali nr 5 w budynku Kash Hall. W sprawie chrztu nale y zg³aszaæ siê na plebanie osobiœcie lub dzwoni¹c na numer (708) Œlub w jêzyku polskim prosimy zg³aszaæ szeœæ miesiêcy wczeœniej. SpowiedŸ œw. w ka d¹ sobotê od godz. 4:00 PM do 4:45 PM. Polska szko³a (czwartek & pi¹tek) 5 pm-9 pm; sobota 11:30 pm-3:30 pm. Tel. (708) WSZYSTKIE INTENCJE NA MSZE ŒW. MUSZ BYÆ ZAMAWIANE NA PLEBANII. INTENCJI NIE ZAMAWIAMY W ZAKRYSTII LUB W KOŒCIELE. ADORACJA NAJŒWIÊTSZEGO SAKRAMENTU PrzyjdŸ odwiedziæ Jezusa w kaplicy w ka dy poniedzia³ek od godz: 12:00 p.m. do 6:30 p.m. B³ogos³awieñstwo o godz. 6:15 p.m. BO E NARODZENIE 2017: WIGILIA: Niedziela 24 Grudzieñ 4:00 PM [Msza œw. po angielsku] 9:30 PM [Pasterka Po polsku] 12:00 PM [Pasterka Po angielsku o pó³nocy] BO E NARODZENIE: Poniedzia³ek, 25 Grudzieñ 8:00AM, 9:30AM, 11:00AM [Msza œw. Po angielsku] 6:30AM, 12:45PM [Po œw. po polsku] 7:00 PM (nie ma Mszy œw. po polsku) Wtorek, 26 Gurdzieñ 9:00 AM (Msza œw. po angielsku) 10:30 AM, 7:00 PM (Msza œw. po polsku) Rekolekcje Adwentowe 2017 w Parafii św. Fabiana 16 Grudnia (sobota) ~ 11:30 AM* i 7:00PM 17 Grudnia (niedziela) ~ 6:30AM, 12:45PM i 7:00PM Rekolekcje odprawiał będzie ks. Paweł Komperda Spowiedź św. TYLKO w niedzielę od 5:00PM do 7:00PM. Szko³a polska im. St. Fabiana Brak polskiej szko³y w sobotê, 23 grudnia.

14 Saint Margaret Sunday Missal Stop In & See Us! Dental Lab 4You BELCHER LAW OFFICE PROTEZY DENTYSTYCZN E NAPRAWA GWARANCJA JAKOSCI!! An ideal companion OPEN 7 DAYS 6:30AM TO 3PM 4710 W. 95th St., Oak Lawn Coral Plaza S. Archer Willow Springs TechniCraft Collision for personal prayer. Repair Experts, LLC In Stock & Ready to Order Today S. Roberts Rd., Justice CALL OR ORDER ONLINE. $ Mowimy Po Polsku Se Habla Español BEATA I. STYKA, MD INTERNAL MEDICINE / GERIATRICS Accepting New Patients S. Harlem, Ste. B Palos Heights Graduating from Catholic grade school, high school and law school has provided me the foundation of social justice I ve relied upon the last 20 years helping injured people like you and your family members. I hope you call me for a FREE CONSULTATION. OPEN 7 DAYS FOR BREAKFAST - LUNCH - DINNER MABENKA RESTAURANT Matt Belcher Brian or Sally, coordinators CST an Official Travel Agency of Apostleship of the Sea-USA FUNERAL LUNCHEONS BEZPLATNY NUMER PO BEZPLATNA PORADE % OFF Heating & AC, 10% OFF purchase of $20 or More , Sales - Service - Installation Residential & Commercial Sales Service Installation Mowimy Po Polsku Insured, Licensed, Bonded Furnaces Air Conditioners Boilers Humidifiers S. CICERO BURBANK $69.95 A/C Clean and Check PARISHIONER DISCOUNT One coupon per system. Must present coupon at time of service. Not valid with any other offers or discounts. From the WLP Vault comes the Bible Story of Christmas featuring 8 Classic Christmas Carols and a reading of the Gospel of Luke 2: 4-20 by Bing Crosby! Also available on vinyl Medical Alert System $29.95/Mo. billed quarterly Photo Courtesy of Bing Crosby Enterprises Visit to purchase your copy - CD $10.00 Call Today! One Free Month No Long-Term Contract Price Guarantee Easy Self Installation Toll Free If You Live Alone You Need LIFEWatch! 24 Hour Protection at HOME and AWAY! Ambulance Solutions as Low as $19.95 a month Police Fire Shipping Friends/Family FREE FREE Activation NO Long Term Contracts CALL NOW! John Hann Sr. & John Hann Jr. Buy or Sell with a Professional and Save Money! RE/MAX 10 R E S TA U R A N T BREAKFAST LUNCH DINNER COCKTAILS CARRY OUTS OPEN 24 HOURS 8930 S. Harlem, Bridgeview St Fabian Church (B) HALINA WISNIEWSKA Broker Associate Mowie Po Polsku 20 Years Experience No Landline? No Problem! * Real Time GPS Tracking * Fall Detection Grow in your faith, find a Mass, and connect with your Catholic Community with OneParish! The Most Complete Online National Directory of Download Our Free App or Visit Check It Out Today! Catholic Parishes MY.ONEPARISH.COM UNIA KREDYTOWA TO WIECEJ NIZ BANK! Juz od 40 lat sluzymy Polonii oferujac szeroki zakres uslug finansowych: konta oszczednosciowe ERA, karty Visa, szeroki wybor kredytow oraz serwis bankowosci internetowej. Zapraszamy do oddzialu PSFCU Bridgeview (8342 S. Harlem Ave, Bridgeview, IL 60455, tel ) lub otwarcia konta przez Internet na PRZYLACZ SIE DO NAS JUZ DZIS! PSFCU.4U l For Ads: J.S. Paluch Co., Inc

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16 8300 S. Thomas Avenue Bridgeview, IL St. Fabian Catholic Community Pastor: Rev. Peter J. Cyscon Associate Pastor: Rev. Jan Bukowski, COr. Pastor Emeritus Rev. Robert J. Kash 8300 S. Thomas Avenue - Bridgeview, IL Parish Office Hours: Monday Friday 9:00 a.m. 9:00 p.m. (Closed for Lunch) Saturday & Sunday 9:00 a.m. 2:00 p.m. Parish Office Religious Education Parish FAX Religious Education FAX Music Director Polish School Pastoral Pastor - Rev. Peter J. Cyscon Associate Pastor: Rev. Jan Bukowski, COr. Weekend Associate - Rev. Michael Bowler Diaconal Ministry - Deacon Ron & Pam Zielinski Deacon Tom & Rhonda Hyde Senior Deacon Charles & Janet Tipperreiter Administrative Secretary - Mary Harvey Business Manager - William Brennan Administrative Assistant - Mary Ann Mularski Night Crew - Sebastian Dziubek, Samantha Oberszkalski, Ewelina Soltys RCIA - (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) Ministry of Care - Director - Paula Daley Compassion Ministries Religious Education : English Program - Coordinator - Cindy Schlesser Assistant Coordinator - Bozena Kupiec (M-W-F 9:00 am - 3:30 pm) Polish Program - Director - Rev. Peter J. Cyscon Administrator: Maria Pocica Assistant Administrator: Bozena Kupiec Maintenance & Security - Andrzej Brzoska (Czwartek & Piatek 5:00-9:00 pm; Sobota 11:30 3:30 pm) Music Ministry English Director - Deacon Raul Duque Music Ministry Polish Director - Ryszard Swiedrych Maintenance Ramon Plascencia