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3 Matura Skills Poziom podstawowy

4 32 Matura Skills Poziom podstawowy Anna: Ed: Anna: Ed: Rozumienie ze słuchu (Dobieranie) Read the audio script. Use the underlined words to match the people (A Anna or E Ed) to the statements ( and 2). Ed, I can t believe it s the last day of school already! Finally, the holidays have arrived! Have you got anything exciting planned? Hi, Anna! Yeah, I m actually going to be spending the summer working on an organic farm. In today s job market, I think having work experience is just as important as having qualifications. Fantastic! You ll make some extra cash and it ll definitely work in your favour when you apply for university. Maybe I should do the same. I really want a job as a vet later on and it would probably help my chances if I had some handson experience. Go for it! You could volunteer at the local animal shelter. They re always looking for help. I believe that on-the-job training and formal education are equally important I would like to work with animals in the future.... This task tests your ability to understand what individual speakers say. Read the questions and underline the key words. They contain the information that you should listen for. Listen for words/phrases that mean the same as the underlined words. Then listen and identify the speaker who says them. Sometimes, a speaker says something which refers to the other person. 2 Usłyszysz dwukrotnie rozmowę Emmy i Grega na temat recyklingu. Odpowiedz na pytania 5 zgodnie z treścią nagrania. Zaznacz znakiem X odpowiednią kratkę (E Emma lub G Greg). E G (Emma) (Greg) Which person is getting rid of something by putting it in the bin? 2 describes environmental benefits of recycling? 3 blames companies more than individuals? 4 thinks people should have to pay money if they don t recycle? 5 suggests a way to make recycling easier? 3 Rozumienie tekstów pisanych (Wybór wielokrotny) Read the text, the question stems and the choices (A-C). Use the underlined words in the text to answer the questions. Why are the other answer choices wrong? The Grand Theatre will be hosting an exciting new comedy show next month. Following huge success on London stages, A Laugh a Minute is now touring the rest of the country. The show features some famous faces, as well as some promising newcomers to the comedy scene. Tickets are on sale now! Book soon for an evening of non-stop laughter! Discounts are available for large parties and students. The author s intention in the text is to... a theatre performance. A analyse B advertise C complain about 2 The text is mainly about A the London comedy scene. B an entertainment event. C students parties. 3 People can buy tickets A immediately. B next month. C soon. This task requires you to read a long text and answer five multiple choice questions. Four questions test for detail while the last question tests the main idea of the text or the author s intention. For questions about specific information, underline the key words and look for paraphrased information within the text. Be aware, though, that all of the answer options make reference to the content of the text in some way, so be careful of distractors.

5 Matura Skills Poziom podstawowy 4 Przeczytaj tekst. Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą, zgodną z treścią tekstu. Zakreśl literę A, B, C albo D. City of the Dead Do you love to discover new places but find guided tours a bit of a bore? Maybe you d prefer something more weird, wild and wickedly funny? Then, Edinburgh s famous City of the Dead tour is for you! In the heart of Scotland s beautiful capital city this is sightseeing with a difference. On this tour, you ll be thrilled and chilled by scary stories, fascinating history and dark humour, all in the good company of a friendly guide and possibly a ghost or two! The first stop on the tour is Edinburgh s legendary underground city. Underneath today s streets is a forgotten land of tunnels and chambers where an entire population once lived in misery. You won t believe people could have lived down there! It s pitch black, damp and airless. During the eighteenth century, the small underground rooms were used for all sorts of illegal and evil activities. Some say the dark tunnels are haunted by the ghosts of people murdered there! If you survive the first part of the walk, your next stop is Greyfriars Cemetery. This graveyard is famous for the mysterious supernatural activity that goes on around one grave in particular. This special burial site is said to be occupied by a ghost known as The Mackenzie Poltergeist. People report sightings of a white figure and dead animals, and experience unexplained smells and strange sounds. Since 999, there have been 450 documented attacks by the ghost. As they walked around the graveyard, people have felt something pull their hair, grab their arms or hit them gently on the back! Visitors come away from this tour with unforgettable memories and, sometimes, an unusual souvenir; many have gone home with a mysterious cut, bruise or burn! Though nothing dangerous has ever happened, this walk is not for the fainthearted. You will experience fear and fun in equal measure! It is recommended that you book this tour in advance because it is very popular. Tours leave from Edinburgh Castle every evening at 8 pm. More information about special discounts, group bookings and gift vouchers is available on the website. So, sign up if you dare! On this tour you will A make new friends. B be tired, cold and bored. C have a guide dressed as a ghost. D learn interesting things about the past. 2 Underneath Edinburgh s streets there are A walls painted black. B poor lighting conditions. C people living in tunnels. D airy and spacious rooms. 3 Greyfriars Cemetery is well-known because A it is apparently haunted. B there is only one grave. C of a special news report. D someone famous is buried there. 4 On the website, you can A buy souvenir gifts. B follow a popular blog. C book tours of Edinburgh Castle. D find out about reduced-price tickets. 5 The author has written the article to A provide an outline of Scottish history. B advertise an unusual form of entertainment. C present evidence that proves ghosts are real. D describe a personal experience of a tourist activity. 33

6 Matura Skills Poziom podstawowy 34 5 Znajomość środków językowych (Wybór wielokrotny uzupełnianie luk w dwóch zdaniach) a) Read sentences and 2. Then underline the correct meaning of each sentence in A and B. If you... at flight prices, I ll take care of the accommodation. 2 Be careful when you re talking to strangers. People may... friendly but they could be dangerous. A B Sentence asks you to check something/if you can see something. Sentence 2 describes how a group of people appear/what a group of people are watching. b) Read the dictionary entries for the following words. Choose the word that correctly completes the gap in both sentences and 2. see = to perceive with the eyes look (at) = to direct the eyes towards sth/to give one s attention to sth look = to appear to be seem = to give a certain impression A see B look C seem This task requires you to read two sentences and identify the meaning of each. Note that two options may fit two of the sentences, but only one option fits both. 6 W zadaniach 5 wybierz wyraz, który poprawnie uzupełnia luki w obydwu zdaniach. Zakreśl literę A, B albo C. I ve got a history... after lunch break. Exam revision is an important... in time management. A class B exercise C lesson 2 We arrived... because we wanted the best seats. They showed a(n)... model of their invention to the head of the company. A early B first C old 3 Susan is visiting her grandmother... the hospital this evening. Poor Lorrie has been... poor health for the past few months. A at B in C of 4 There s... space in the garden to plant our own vegetables. In fact... of the world s most deadly snakes can be found in Australia. A some B enough C many 5 Surgeons... a lot of respect for the important work they do. How many days off work did you...? A take B deserve C get Wypowiedź pisemna ( nieoficjalny) 7 Read the rubric and do the writing task. Niedawno po raz pierwszy uprawiałeś/-aś sport ekstremalny. Napisz (80-30 słów) do swojego angielskojęzycznego przyjaciela, w którym: napiszesz kiedy, gdzie i z kim uprawiałeś/-aś ten sport, opiszesz tą dyscyplinę, wskażesz pozytywne i negatywne strony tej formy aktywności, napiszesz, jaką inną dyscyplinę sportów ekstremalnych planujesz wypróbować w przyszłości. Check your Progress rozumienie ze słuchu (dobieranie) rozumienie tekstów pisanych (wybór wielokrotny) znajomość środków językowych (wybór wielokrotny): uzupełnianie luk w dwóch zdaniach wypowiedź pisemna ( nieoficjalny) GOOD VERY GOOD EXCELLENT

7 Matura Skills Poziom podstawowy 2 Rozumienie ze słuchu (Dobieranie) Read the audio script. Pay attention to the underlined words and use them to answer questions and 2. Which words/ phrases helped you decide? One suggestion is to look out of the window at the horizon instead of reading inside the car. You can also try drinking ginger or peppermint tea before making your journey. This will help fight the nausea. It might also be helpful to practise acupressure by pressing on the inside of your wrist. The recording is about A problems experienced by passengers. B how to amuse yourself while travelling. 2 The speaker s intention is to A explain why travel sickness occurs. B advise people how to deal with travel sickness. This task tests global understanding of the recordings. To identify the speaker s intention, think about why the speaker is talking. To identify the main idea, think about the whole recording rather than details. 2 Usłyszysz dwukrotnie cztery wypowiedzi, które łączy temat zdrowia. Do każdej wypowiedzi ( 4) dopasuj odpowiadające jej zdanie (A E). Wpisz rozwiązania do tabeli. Jedno zdanie zostało podane dodatkowo i nie pasuje do żadnej wypowiedzi. This speaker A invites listeners to send in their remedies. B suggests that their job can cause health problems. Speaker C recommends trying out Speaker 2 something new. Speaker 3 D compares two different methods of treatment. Speaker 4 E says they were mistaken about their health problem. 3 Rozumienie tekstów pisanych (Dobieranie) a) Read the headings A and B. Match the words in the list to the underlined words in the headings. A OWNING AN ANIMAL B PROTECTING YOUR HOME possess defend keep safeguard watch over b) Read the paragraph and decide which heading from Ex. 3a best matches it. Underline the words that helped you. Keeping a dog can discourage burglars from entering your home. When a thief sees a barking animal in the garden, he will be afraid of being discovered, as the noise will alert others to the fact that something is wrong. Even if you don t fancy the responsibility that goes with keeping a dog, you can always place a Beware of Dog sign on your garden gate. It usually makes a thief think twice about breaking in. This task tests the main idea of each part of the text. Read the text and decide what each part of the text is about. Then read the headings and without paying too much attention to details match them to the corresponding parts of the text. 35

8 Matura Skills Poziom podstawowy Przeczytaj tekst o zabezpieczeniu domu. Dobierz właściwy nagłówek (A F) do każdej z oznaczonych części tekstu ( 4). Dwa nagłówki zostały podane dodatkowo i nie pasują do żadnej części tekstu. HOME SECURITY It s not just locks and alarm systems that protect your home. Consider these other useful tips. Leaving valuable items lying around will only tempt thieves to break into your house. If you have an expensive laptop in full view on a desk by a window, either rearrange the furniture or close the curtains. The same thing is true for outside your home. For instance, a brand new racing bike in the garden suggests you have other expensive goodies inside. Keep it out of sight in a shed or garage, or store it in the hallway of your house. 2 The time most break-ins occur is during the day when people are out at work. You can leave the television on or music playing to make thieves think there is someone at home. Leaving a light switched on is another way to fool them, but can run up your electricity bill if you re not careful. To avoid this happening, why not arrange to have energy-efficient bulbs installed? They last longer, saving you money and helping the environment at the same time. 3 Afraid of forgetting your keys and getting locked out? Don t keep a spare set under the doormat or in a flowerpot. This is a dangerous practice because someone could very well see you getting your spare key out of its hiding place. That would be like an open invitation for them to let themselves in later. If you must have a back-up set of keys, it s better to leave them with a trustworthy neighbour. 4 Looking after your garden can help you keep your home safe. Shrubs and trees that have become overgrown can provide welcome hiding places for burglars. They can sit outside unseen waiting for the right moment to break into your house. You don t have to cut down everything in your garden! Just make sure tall branches are cut back so they don t cover upper storey windows. This will make it much more difficult for thieves to attempt a break-in. A B C D E F Make an arrangement with someone Keep things neat and tidy Remember to lock up Don t leave things on display Avoid costly possessions Practise a little deception 5 Znajomość środków językowych (Wybór wielokrotny uzupełnianie luk w tekście) Choose the correct word. Do the sentences test grammar (G) or lexis (L)? Colin couldn t believe he got such high... in the test. A points B marks C figures 2 Pam... a gap-year before she starts university. A is taking B takes C has taken This task tests both grammar and lexis. Pay attention to the words before and after each gap. This will help you decide what kind of word is needed. 6 Przeczytaj tekst. Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą, tak aby otrzymać logiczny i gramatycznie poprawny tekst. Zakreśl literę A, B albo C. Mind your Manners In today s fast-paced world good old-fashioned manners sometimes get overlooked. Certainly, there is )... demand for traditional Swiss finishing schools, where rich young ladies learn the finer points of social etiquette. They have all shut 2)... in recent years with the exception of Villa Pierrefeu in Geneva. There, around a dozen female students pay 20,000 dollars for a six-week course 3)... them in appropriate dress, conversation and table manners. One of the challenges they face is learning to delicately peel an orange using a knife and fork while 4)... polite small talk with other diners. The school also teaches its students how to entertain guests at home, while being aware of international differences in culture and manners. These are useful 5)... for business people to have, so Villa Pierrefeu probably won t be closing its doors just yet. In fact, it plans to accept male students in the near future. A smaller B less C fewer 2 A down B up C out 3 A instructing B teaching C showing 4 A having made B make C making 5 A talents B gifts C skills

9 Matura Skills Poziom podstawowy 2 7 (Wybór wielokrotny parafraza zdań) Identify the item A, B or C that is NOT of a similar meaning. How was the lesson? A What was the lesson like? B How did the lesson go? C Was there a lesson? This task requires you to match the bolded sections of sentences with the answer choice that has the same meaning. Pay attention to the words in bold. Look for synonymous words and phrases in the possible answers. 8 W zadaniach 5 spośród podanych opcji (A C) wybierz tę, która może najlepiej zastąpić zaznaczony fragment. Zakreśl literę A, B albo C. I don t feel well. I think I m coming down with a cold. A catching B fighting off C recovering from 2 Leanne picked up the spider, since she isn t bothered by insects. A is fond of B can t stand C isn t scared of 3 We set off early so that we wouldn t be delayed by traffic. A arrived B left C travelled 4 Sharon came across a souvenir shop on her way to the beach. A looked for B went to C found 5 Food from the new restaurant is worth the money. A high quality B very cheap C good value Check your Progress rozumienie ze słuchu (dobieranie) rozumienie tekstów pisanych (dobieranie) GOOD VERY GOOD EXCELLENT Wypowiedź pisemna (Wpis na blogu) 9 Read the rubric and do the writing task. Prowadzisz blog podróżniczy na temat ciekawych miejsc turystycznych. Zredaguj wpis (80-30 słów) o egzotycznym miejscu, które ostatnio odwiedziłeś/-aś. We wpisie: poinformuj czytelników, dlaczego wybrałeś/-aś to miejsce, opisz, co można w tym miejscu zwiedzić i co można tam robić, udziel czytelnikom rady związanej z pobytem w tym miejscu, przedstaw temat kolejnego wpisu. znajomość środków językowych (wybór wielokrotny): uzupełnianie luk w tekście parafraza zdań wypowiedź pisemna (wpis na blogu) 37

10 Matura Skills Poziom podstawowy 3 Rozumienie ze słuchu (Wybór wielokrotny) a) Read the audio script and answer the question below. Pay attention to the words in bold. Why are two of the choices wrong? A: Good morning sir, what can I do for you? B: I d like a first class ticket to Manchester Airport. A: No problem, do you have a seat preference? B: Yes, I d like a window seat if possible. A: OK, that will be Here is your ticket. The next service to the airport leaves in fifteen minutes from platform 4. B: Great, just enough time to grab a coffee. Thank you very much. A: Have a safe trip! This conversation takes place A at an airport. B at a train station. C in a café. b) Read the audio script again and answer the question below. Pay attention to the underlined words. Why are two of the choices wrong? The member of staff tells the man that A his train departs in a quarter of an hour. B window seats are more expensive. C there is an accident on the line. 2 Usłyszysz dwukrotnie sześć tekstów. Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą, zgodną z treścią nagrania. Zakreśl literę A, B albo C. Tekst This announcement is heard on A a train. B an aeroplane. C a coach. Tekst 2 The party planning website allows users to A blog about parties they have been to. B find out about different party ideas. C book an entertainer. Tekst 3 The hotel offers free A beach activities. B yoga lessons. C gourmet food. Tekst 4 The travel agent suggests an all-inclusive holiday because A it s cheaper than self-catering. B the hotel s food is much tastier. C you don t need to exchange money. Tekst 5 When renting a car, the speaker says people should A rent from the city centre. B compare the costs. C buy a road map. Tekst 6 The speakers in this recording are A siblings. B friends. C colleagues. In this task there are two types of questions. One type asks about the context of the recording. For questions like these, listen for references to who the speakers are or where you can hear the recording. The other type of questions in this task asks about specific information in the recording. Think of ways the key words in the question could be paraphrased in the recording. This will help you answer the question. 38

11 Matura Skills Poziom podstawowy Rozumienie tekstów pisanych (Dobieranie) Read sentences -3 and look at the underlined words. Read sentences A-C and match them to sentences -3. Which words/phrases helped you decide? The weather is a very interesting topic of conversation. We can accurately forecast what weather will occur. Severe weather can be very dangerous. A Therefore, we can be prepared for different conditions. B Flooding and storms can cause a lot of damage to an area. C Lots of people speak about it and find it fascinating. In this task, you have to complete the gaps in the text so that it forms a logical and cohesive whole. Read the missing sentences and underline the key words. Look for words/phrases in the text which form a logical connection with the missing sentences. It is important to read carefully both before and after each gap. 4 Przeczytaj tekst, z którego usunięto trzy zdania. Wpisz w luki ( 3) litery, którymi oznaczono brakujące zdania (A E), tak aby otrzymać logiczny i spójny tekst. Dwa zdania zostały podane dodatkowo i nie pasują do żadnej luki. Something fishy is going on... We ve all heard of the phrase it s raining cats and dogs, but what about it s raining fish and frogs? People in countries as far apart as England and India have reported seeing creatures such as fish, frogs and other pond life falling from clouds high in the sky. Scientists claim that these incidents are most likely caused by a tornado. It is thought that the sudden change in air pressure can cause fish and other creatures to be sucked up into the atmosphere. The tornado can move so quickly that the fish often land very much alive and sometimes hundreds of miles away from where they started out. 2 The fish were collected by the town s 650 residents put into buckets of water in the hope of reviving them. The stunned creatures had been almost frozen during their journey through such high altitudes. It seems unlikely that tornadoes can cause the sky to rain golf balls, sugar lumps and even meat, although all these have been reported. 3 But for now, perhaps having an umbrella in the rain is even more important than we first thought! A Puzzled scientists are still looking for other possible explanations. B In the early 980s, residents had reported a similar case. C One incident of this kind occurred in 200, in Lajamanu in Australia. D We shouldn t believe all the reports we hear. E All around the globe there are stories of a fishy rainfall. 39

12 Matura Skills Poziom podstawowy Znajomość środków językowych (Wybór wielokrotny uzupełnianie minidialogów) Read sentences -4 and then situations A-D. Match the sentences to the situations in which they would most likely be heard. What time does it leave? I ll have one kilo. I d like two seats in the back row. What is the soup of the day? This person is A in the cinema. B at the market. C at the bus station. D in a restaurant. This task consists of two or threepart dialogues with one exchange missing in each of them. First, read the first available line of the exchange and try to imagine in what context the speakers are talking. Then try to think of a number of possible responses that could fit in the gap. See if any of these responses match the 6 Uzupełnij poniższe minidialogi ( 5), wybierając brakującą wypowiedź jednej z osób. Zakreśl literę A, B albo C. X: How long does the trip take? Y:... X: Glad to hear it. A It s been a long time. B Not really! C Not very long. 2 X: How about going for some ice cream? Y:... A It was nice. B Sure, I d love to. C Yes, that s it. 3 X: Have you finished your science homework? Y:... X: Me too. A Yes, I did it last night. B It was very difficult. C Yes, I will do it later. 4 X: I m not feeling very well. Y:... A I doubt it. B That s a shame. C Good for you. 5 X: Would you like to go to the theatre? Y:... A I ve seen it. B No, I don t feel like it. C Yes, but I didn t enjoy it. Wypowiedź pisemna ( nieoficjalny) 7 Read the rubric and do the writing task. Wygrałeś/-aś w tym tygodniu nagrodę w szkole. Napisz (80-30 słów) do swojej angielskojęzycznej przyjaciółki, w którym: poinformujesz, za co otrzymałeś/-aś nagrodę, opiszesz okoliczności, w jakich nagroda została Ci wręczona, opiszesz swoje odczucia związane z jej otrzymaniem, zapytasz przyjaciółkę, czy kiedykolwiek otrzymała jakąś nagrodę i poprosisz o szczegółowe informacje na ten temat. 40 Check your Progress rozumienie ze słuchu (wybór wielokrotny) rozumienie tekstów pisanych (dobieranie) GOOD VERY GOOD EXCELLENT znajomość środków językowych (wybór wielokrotny): uzupełnianie minidialogów wypowiedź pisemna ( nieoficjalny)

13 Matura Skills Poziom podstawowy 4 Rozumienie ze słuchu (Prawda/Fałsz) a) Read the sentences (-3). Then replace the underlined words/phrases with appropriate words from the list. expensive heading for hiring staff Rebecca is going to her job interview The supermarket is taking on new employees Driving lessons are costly.... Joe: Rebecca: Joe: Rebecca: Joe: b) Read the audio script and mark the sentences in Ex. a as T (True) or F (False). Hi, Rebecca. Where are you off to? Hello, Joe. I m heading for the job centre. I m looking for some part-time work so that I can save up some money. What are you saving for? I ve heard the local supermarket is hiring weekend staff. You could try there. I want to learn to drive but the lessons are quite expensive. Thanks for the information Joe! I ll hand in an application. Good luck! In this task, you are listening for specific details. Read the sentences and underline the key words. Sometimes these key words are rephrased in the recording. Before you listen, try to think of other words with the same meaning as the underlined words/phrases. 2 Usłyszysz dwukrotnie dialog dwóch osób na temat rozmowy kwalifikacyjnej. Zaznacz literą T lub F, które zdania są zgodne z treścią nagrania (T True), a które nie (F False). 3 Mark is feeling confident about his interview Mark has experience working with young people Mark is fully qualified for the new job Laurie is going to enter a photography competition Mark thinks there are advantages to self-employment.... Rozumienie tekstów pisanych (Wybór wielokrotny) Read the three statements (A-C). Which statement refers to: the author s intention? the main idea of the text? specific information? Use the underlined words/phrases to answer the questions. A The author explains the need for a new sports centre. B Football training times have been changed to Sunday mornings. C The text is about a sports event that took place recently. This task tests your ability to identify specific detail, the main idea and the author s intention in three separate texts. Learn to identify words/ phrases in the questions that specify what type of question is being asked (e.g. explain, criticise, apologise for intention and the text is about, the main point of the text is for main idea.) 4

14 Matura Skills Poziom podstawowy 4 A B 4 Przeczytaj trzy teksty związane ze sportem. Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą, zgodną z treścią tekstu. Zakreśl literę A, B albo C. Dear Sir or Madam, I am a keen skateboarder and I live in the centre of town. I ve been looking for places to practise because lots of people complain when my friends and I skateboard in the busy streets. Since the park behind the town hall isn t used for anything else, I was thinking that it would be a good idea to build a skate park there. That way, skaters would have a place to work on their skills without risking the safety of others. I kindly ask that the council consider building a skate park when plans for the park s development are discussed. Yours faithfully, Maurice Walsh Maurice wrote the letter to A complain that skateboarding is a danger to the public. B describe how he and his friends enjoy their spare time. C suggest the council provides skateboarding facilities. The BBC has announced that it will broadcast more women s football in the future. This is because of a growing demand from the public. Women s football is gaining popularity across the nation and, as a result, viewers would like to watch the sport on television. Currently, the BBC dedicates a lot of time to men s football matches and this is likely to continue. However, in the interests of balance, the TV company has promised to provide equal support to women s football competitions. The female national league will be televised later this month. 2 The text is about A viewers complaints to the BBC. B women s sport in the media. C football competition results. C As I stood on the bridge, my heart raced and my legs shook. This is crazy! I cried, both fear and excitement in my trembling voice. I moved closer to the edge. The drop was huge! You can do it! my friend screamed. We had both wanted to do a bungee jump for ages. A holiday in Australia provided the perfect opportunity and we d saved up every penny for this once in a lifetime leap! I looked out at the blue waters below me and felt an overwhelming sense of freedom. It was time to fly! From behind me, I heard the countdown, 3, 2,. 5 3 The narrator had saved up money for A a unique experience. B a flight to Australia. C her entire lifetime. Znajomość środków językowych (Wybór wielokrotny tłumaczenie fragmentów zdań) Underline the sections of the sentences (-3) that match the Polish translation. She is planning a party for her cousin s birthday on Saturday. (planuje przyjęcie) 2 We are still waiting for the rain to stop so that we can go out. (wciąż czekamy na) 3 You should book your tickets for the theatre now before they sell out. (powinieneś zarezerwować bilety) This task presents sentences in which a short section, usually a clause, is translated into Polish. You have to choose the correct English translation from the three answer choices. Look for words that help you decide what grammatical or lexical structure is required. Be careful of false friends (words in Polish and English that look the same but have a different meaning). 42

15 Matura Skills Poziom podstawowy 4 6 W zadaniach 5 spośród podanych opcji (A C) wybierz tę, która jest tłumaczeniem fragmentu podanego w nawiasie, poprawnie uzupełniającym lukę. Zakreśl literę A, B albo C. Dave (zarabia na życie) as a car mechanic. A is applying for a job B has found a job C earns his living 2 You suggested going out tonight. (Co masz na myśli?)... A Do you mind if we don t? B What do you have in mind? C Would you mind going out? Wypowiedź pisemna (Wpis na blogu) 7 Read the rubric and do the writing task. Dołączyłeś/-aś ostatnio do klubu rozrywki. Podziel się swoimi wrażeniami na blogu (80-30 słów). Opisz klub, do którego dołączyłeś/-aś. Napisz, jaką formę spędzania czasu wolnego wybrałeś/-aś i uzasadnij swój wybór. Opisz, jak zwykle wygląda spotkanie członków klubu. Wspomnij o innych aktywnościach, które masz nadzieję wypróbować w klubie. 3 When (planujesz zapisać się) the gym? A do you plan to go to B would you like to go to C are you planning to join 4 You (powinieneś zarezerwować bilety) early to avoid missing out. A should book your tickets B must buy your tickets C should book your seats 5 Beth (chodziła codziennie na siłownię) to get in shape for her holiday. A went to the gym every day B had a daily training C trained at the gym every weekday Check your Progress rozumienie ze słuchu (prawda/fałsz) rozumienie tekstów pisanych (wybór wielokrotny) GOOD VERY GOOD EXCELLENT znajomość środków językowych (wybór wielokrotny): tłumaczenie fragmentów zdań wypowiedź pisemna (wpis na blogu) 43


17 Matura Skills Poziom rozszerzony

18 Matura Skills Poziom rozszerzony Rozumienie ze słuchu (Wybór wielokrotny) Read the three statements (A-C). Which statement refers to: the speaker s intention? the main idea of the text? the context of the situation? A The speaker is recommending holiday destinations for couples. B The speakers are at a theatre performance. C The recording is about where to get the cheapest flight deals. Read the questions. Before you listen to the recordings, underline the key words. This will give you an idea of what you should listen for and whether you are listening for clues about the speaker s intention (why the speaker says what they say), the main idea of the recording (what the recording is about) or the context of the recording (where the recording takes place, who the speaker is, etc.) A B C D Rozumienie tekstów pisanych (Dobieranie) Read the sentences and pay attention to the underlined words. Match the sentences (-4) to the sentences (A-D). Animals in captivity will often show signs of stress. Endangered animals that are physically attractive get bigger donations. Sometimes, brightly coloured skin is a warning sign that an animal is dangerous. Hunting at night requires excellent eyesight. Lots of poisonous creatures are colourful and eye-catching. Nocturnal animals need to see their prey in the dark. Being locked in a cage can cause strange behaviour. People give a lot of money towards pandas because they look cute and cuddly. 2 Usłyszysz dwukrotnie trzy teksty. Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą, zgodną z treścią nagrania. Zakreśl literę A, B albo C. Tekst. The caller s intention is to A inform the woman about some good news. B encourage the woman to enter a competition. C persuade the woman to buy a holiday to Bali. When you read the paragraphs, take note of key vocabulary. To match the statements to the texts, look for language within the questions that refers to the key words and phrases in the paragraphs. Tekst 2. The recording is about A the current music charts. B why people should go on camping holidays. C an upcoming entertainment event. 46 Tekst 3. The speaker is addressing A passengers on a cruise ship. B tourists in a dining room. C holidaymakers staying in France.

19 Matura Skills Poziom rozszerzony 4 Przeczytaj tekst podzielony na trzy akapity. Do każdego zdania ( 4) dopasuj właściwy akapit (A C). Wpisz rozwiązania do tabeli. Jeden akapit pasuje do dwóch zdań. Save the bees A Since the 990s, bee populations across Europe have suffered a serious decline. Environmentalists are very worried about the survival of bee species. There are a number of reasons thought to be the cause of their decline, including climate change, disease and habitat loss. However, the main reason is pesticides. Pesticides are chemicals used in commercial agriculture to kill the pests that damage crops. These chemicals are sprayed in large amounts throughout the countryside. Sadly, some pesticides are poisonous to bees. B Bees play an essential role in our food production. Not only do bees make honey but, more importantly, they pollinate the plants that we eat. When a bee lands on the flower of a plant, pollen sticks to its body. The bee then flies to another plant where the pollen rubs off and onto a different flower. As a result, the plant reproduces. In Europe, over 4000 kinds of vegetables grow this way and a third of all the food we eat depends on this process happening. It would cost us an estimated 265 billion every year if we didn t have bees. C Fortunately, there are ways to help. Firstly, we can spread the word about what s happening. It s important that people are aware of how environmental issues affect the world. There are many organisations, such as Greenpeace, who are working to save the bees and who welcome support from the public. Also, we could buy organic fruit and vegetables that are free of pesticides, or we can even become bee-keepers ourselves! Just planting some wild flowers in your garden will make a small but valuable difference. Let s be kind to nature s tiny workers! After all, they put food on our tables. 5 Znajomość środków językowych (Zadanie z luką z podanymi wyrazami) a) Look at the sentence and the word in brackets. What part of speech is needed to fill in the gap? Toby s allergies are... than mine. (bad) b) Which of these words best completes the sentence? worse worst c) Complete the gaps with an appropriate word based on the one in brackets. What part of speech is each? Have you... at the doctor s surgery yet? (register) 2 My grandmother is having trouble with... teeth. (she) 3 The... is scheduled for next Thursday afternoon. (operate) 4 He still... from panic attacks at times. (suffer) Read the text carefully to get the gist of it. Identify what is missing in each gap (noun, adjective, etc.). Carefully select the word that best fits each gap and decide what form it should take. Read the completed text to see if it makes sense. In this paragraph the author explains the importance of bees. 2 describes a threat to insects. 3 suggests buying a certain type of food. 4 states the effect of bees on crops. 47

20 Matura Skills Poziom rozszerzony 48 6 Przeczytaj tekst. Uzupełnij każdą lukę ( 4), przekształcając jeden z wyrazów z ramki w taki sposób, aby powstał spójny i logiczny tekst. Wymagana jest pełna poprawność gramatyczna i ortograficzna wpisywanych wyrazów. Dwa wyrazy zostały podane dodatkowo i nie pasują do żadnej luki. possible emotion advice relative exhaust hurt Getting some shuteye Insomnia is a common sleep disorder whereby a person cannot fall asleep or stay asleep. As a result, they may not get the rest they require to stay healthy. This condition is )... common and can occur at any age. However, it is more likely to affect the elderly. Insomnia has many causes, including work-related stress, relationship troubles or 2)... anxiety. It can be both a short or long term problem. Sleep is essential to our health and well-being. Not getting enough sleep can lead to physical 3)..., bad moods and depression. A lack of mental energy can affect a person s memory, focus and learning so it could cause problems at work or school. Insomnia can also be life-threatening. Driving or operating machinery when tired is very dangerous. If you are suffering from insomnia, you 4)... to seek professional help from your doctor immediately. 7 (Zadanie z luką bez podanych wyrazów) a) Read the sentences. Choose what type of word is missing in each sentence. Homelessness is a problem... is common in most large cities. relative pronoun/adjective 2 Homeless shelters... beds, food and safety for those who need it. noun/verb 3 Homeless people can get... lives back on track with the right support. possessive adjective/possessive pronoun b) Write the correct word in the gap. Read the whole text for general meaning. Identify what kind of word is missing (noun, verb, modal etc.). Decide which word best completes the gap. Read the text again to see if it makes sense. 8 Przeczytaj tekst. Uzupełnij każdą lukę ( 4) jednym wyrazem, tak aby powstał spójny i logiczny tekst. Wymagana jest pełna poprawność gramatyczna i ortograficzna wpisywanych wyrazów. Is street art such a crime? A young British man faces two years in jail )... damaging public property with graffiti. Jamie Roberts, a 9-year-old art student, spraypainted a train station wall. Police were able to discover his identity from CCTV footage. Interestingly, Jamie has received a great 2)... of support from his local community with hundreds of people protesting against his arrest. They believe the graffiti is not an act of vandalism but a skilful piece of art. Found in every major city, graffiti is used as a way for young people to 3)... themselves and their ideas. In fact, a number of famous artists today are actually paid to spray-paint their designs in the streets. On the other hand, 4)... to the authorities, Jamie is a criminal. Wypowiedź pisemna (Artykuł) 9 Read the rubric and do the writing task. Coraz więcej nastolatków decyduje się na roczną przerwę w nauce przed podjęciem studiów. Napisz artykuł ( słów), w którym przedstawisz pozytywne i negatywne skutki rocznej przerwy w nauce i wyrazisz swoją opinię na ten temat. Check your Progress rozumienie ze słuchu (wybór wielokrotny) rozumienie tekstów pisanych (dobieranie) znajomość środków językowych: zadanie z luką z podanymi wyrazami zadanie z luką bez podanych wyrazów wypowiedź pisemna (artykuł) GOOD VERY GOOD EXCELLENT

21 Matura Skills Poziom rozszerzony 2 This task tests recognition of detail. Read the questions and underline the key words. They contain the information that you should listen for. 2 Usłyszysz dwukrotnie cztery wypowiedzi na temat pracy. Do każdej wypowiedzi ( 4) dopasuj odpowiadające jej zdanie (A E). Jedno zdanie zostało podane dodatkowo i nie pasuje do żadnej wypowiedzi. A B C D E Rozumienie ze słuchu (Dobieranie) Read the audio script. Which sentence (A-C) best matches what the speaker says? Use the underlined words and phrases to answer the question. The worst thing about working at a hospital is the anti-social working hours. Often, I have to do the night shifts. This means that my time off is different to most other people and I miss out on sharing experiences with my friends and family. I m definitely looking forward to my next holiday! The speaker suggests that A hospitals don t give their employees enough time off work. B most people miss their family when they are at work. C working unusual hours affects their personal life. The speaker suggests that variety in a job keeps it interesting. working with young people is very rewarding. you should match your job to your personality. being successful is more important than being completely honest. Speaker time spent at home is equally Speaker 2 important as time spent Speaker 3 in work. Speaker 4 3 Rozumienie tekstów pisanych (Wybór wielokrotny) a) Read the questions and possible answers. Which one is asking for specific/general information from the text? The text is about A driving guidelines. B advertising methods. C an unusual feature. D musical instruments. 2 The author states that the highway A has noisy neighbours. B was made to sell a product. C had to be rebuilt. D has too many bumps on it. b) Read the text and answer the questions in Ex. 3a. What words helped you decide? In Lancaster, California in the USA, there is a very special road. The road, which was designed by a car manufacturer to be used in an advert, has grooves built into it so that ) when a car drives over the grooves at 55 mph it plays a tune. A lot of people play instruments such as the piano, the violin or the guitar, but 2) they ve probably never thought of playing their car. Unfortunately, the company had to cover up the grooves because, believe it or not, 3) people living nearby complained about the noise. c) Match the sentences (A-C) to the underlined sections in the text (-3) that mean the same. Which of the underlined sections is stating an opinion and not a fact? A Few people have considered making music with their cars. B The music only happens when drivers go at a certain speed. C People who lived in the area didn t like the sound the road produced. 49

22 Matura Skills Poziom rozszerzony 2 Three of the questions in this task ask you to find specific information in the text. For these questions, underline the key words in the question and look for words in the text that paraphrase the information. The other two questions test understanding of the text as a whole, and you must read the complete text in order to find the answer. 4 Przeczytaj dwa teksty związane z instrumentami muzycznymi. Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą, zgodną z treścią tekstu. Zakreśl literę A, B, C albo D. Tekst. The Disappointed Banjo Player George started playing his banjo, but Harris objected; he said he had got a headache, and did not feel strong enough to stand it. George thought the music might do him good said music often soothed the nerves and took away a headache; and he twanged two or three notes, just to show Harris what it was like. Harris said he would rather have the headache. George has never learned to play the banjo to this day. He tried on two or three evenings, while we were up the river, to get a little practice, but it was never a success. Montmorency would sit and howl steadily, right through the performance. What s he want to howl like that for when I m playing? George would shout angrily, while taking aim at him with a boot. What do you want to play like that for when he is howling? Harris would answer back, catching the boot. You leave him alone. He can t help howling. He s got a musical ear, and your playing MAKES him howl. So George decided to wait until he returned home to study the banjo. Unfortunately, the lady upstairs was in a very delicate state, and the doctor was afraid it might injure her. George tried practising round the square. But the people who lived there complained to the police about it; they set a trap for him one night, and he was captured. He was sentenced to keep the peace for six months. He seemed to lose heart after that. He did make one or two feeble attempts to take it up again when the six months had passed, but there was always the same coldness the same lack of sympathy from the world in general and, after a while, he gave up entirely, and made the great sacrifice of advertising the instrument for sale owner having no further use for item and took to learning card tricks instead. It must be disheartening work learning a musical instrument. You would think that Society, for its own sake, would do all it could to help a man in the art of playing a musical instrument. But it doesn t! adapted from Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K. Jerome 50 Harris suggests that A music is good for relieving pain. B you have to be strong to play the banjo. C the banjo playing gave him a headache. D he doesn t like the music George plays. 2 The dog howls because A George threw a shoe at him. B he can t hear the music. C he doesn t like the sound of the banjo. D he appreciates the sound of music. 3 George quit playing completely because A he was made to by the police. B it made his neighbour ill. C nobody seemed to recognise his talent. D he had to sell his instrument.

23 Matura Skills Poziom rozszerzony 2 Tekst 2. A Traditional Note Many countries have traditional music and instruments but few bring to mind the culture and traditions of a nation like the bagpipes. They may not be everyone s cup of tea, but to most Scots they are a symbol of home and the music they produce can evoke strong emotions. To celebrate this love of a national treasure, the annual bagpipe festival, Piping Live, takes place in Glasgow each August. The festival, which is the world s biggest bagpipe festival, is a week long celebration of this unusual instrument showcasing talent from the four corners of the globe. Since it was founded in 2003, it has become one of the biggest and most successful traditional music events in the world. During the week, hundreds of events make music ring out across the city. For people who like arts and crafts, there are also stalls of Scottish handmade goods, as well as family fun days and a come-and-try event at the National Piping Centre for anyone who fancies having a go themselves. The festival culminates in the World Pipe Band Championships. These championships see over 200 bands from different countries competing over two days to win the prestigious title. Each day of the festival is packed full with activities and concerts for everyone to enjoy. 5 4 The text is about A a country s national identity. B a unique musical event. C an annual competition. D learning an instrument. 5 Which of the following is stated in text B as an opinion and not a fact? A The festival attracts performers from all over the world. B Playing the bagpipes is open to all at the event. C The festival caters for a variety of ages and tastes. D The sound of the bagpipes has a limited appeal. Znajomość środków językowych (Słowotwórstwo) a) Read the sentences. Decide which type of word is missing from each sentence. The policeman left the station... after the phone call. (adjective/adverb) 2 In the interests of..., do not leave your bags unattended. (noun/adjective) 3 The victim s... has not been revealed to the newspapers. (verb/noun) b) Choose the correct word to complete each sentence in Ex. 5a. immediate/immediately 2 safety/safe 3 identify/identity In this task you are asked to identify what parts of speech are missing from a text. Read the whole text first to get the gist of it. Then try to work out what form the words in brackets should take, paying attention to the words before and after the gaps. Complete the gaps and read the completed text to see if it makes sense. 6 Uzupełnij każdą lukę ( 4) jednym wyrazem, przekształcając wyraz podany w nawiasie, tak aby otrzymać logiczny i gramatycznie poprawny tekst. Wymagana jest pełna poprawność ortograficzna wpisywanych wyrazów. Identity theft When you are using the library s public computers, please be aware that other people have access to the shared files you are using. Recently, there has been an increase in online identity )... (THIEF), whereby people have committed fraud under the identity of somebody else. We advise you to be very careful with your personal information as this can be used to 2)... (LEGAL) get bank accounts and passports. For this reason, your passwords, home address or date of 3)... (BORN) should never be revealed online. We kindly ask that you do not leave the computer 4)... (ATTEND) whilst you are logged into an account. Please remember to turn off the computer when you have finished. 5

24 Matura Skills Poziom rozszerzony 2 7 (Układanie fragmentów zdań) a) Read sentences and 2. Then underline the correct options in sentences A and B. The suspect (find/guilt)... of the crime last week. A The sentence describes an action that happened in the past/describes an action that is developing. B The verb in brackets should be in the passive voice/the first person singular. 2 When (you/report)... the theft? After I finish work. A The verb describes a routine/future intention. B The verb in brackets should be in the interrogative/the first person singular. b) Complete the gaps in sentences and 2. 8 Uzupełnij zdania ( 4), wykorzystując podane w nawiasach wyrazy w odpowiedniej formie. Nie należy zmieniać kolejności podanych wyrazów, trzeba natomiast jeżeli jest to konieczne dodać inne wyrazy, tak aby otrzymać logiczne i gramatycznie poprawne zdania. Wymagana jest pełna poprawność ortograficzna wpisywanych fragmentów. W każdą lukę możesz wpisać maksymalnie sześć wyrazów, wliczając w to wyrazy już podane. Brian (take/i/advice) and called the doctor. 2 Philip (have/he/wallet/steal) while he was on holiday. 3 Luckily, the robbery (catch/camera) and the thieves were arrested. 4 You should report (crime/active/immediate)... after witnessing it. This task requires you to complete sentences using base forms of words given in brackets. Read the whole sentence for clues as to what form the words in brackets should take. Remember that you can t change the order they are given in. Complete the sentence and check to see if it makes sense. Wypowiedź pisemna (List formalny) 9 Read the rubric and do the writing task. Zauważyłeś/-aś, że w Twojej okolicy jest dużo bezpańskich psów i kotów. Napisz list ( słów) do władz lokalnych, w którym wyjaśnisz, jakie zagrożenie mogą stanowić bezpańskie zwierzęta i zaproponujesz bezpieczne dla ludzi i zwierząt sposoby na rozwiązanie problemu. 52 Check your Progress rozumienie ze słuchu (dobieranie) rozumienie tekstów pisanych (wybór wielokrotny) GOOD VERY GOOD EXCELLENT znajomość środków językowych: słowotwórstwo układanie fragmentów zdań wypowiedź pisemna (list formalny)