The situation of Jelenia Góra is characterized by high places areas over 1000 meters above the sea level the lowest point within

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1 a cty wth dstrct rghts stuated n the southwest Poland, n the vovodeshp of the Lower Slesa. There are 84 thousand ctzens whch makes t the fourth cty n the Lower Slesa (as far as the populaton s concerned). covers the area of 30 km, t borders wth the Czech Republc at the back of Gant Mountans. The border wth Germany s near as well, only 70 km away. The stuaton of s characterzed by hgh places areas over 1000 meters above the sea level the lowest pont wthn the admnstratve cty borders s at the level of 347 m n.p.m., and the hghest, Śląske Kamene (Slesan Stones) at the level of 1416 m n.p.m. Dversed shapng of ths area makes an extremely attractve place for the fans of toursm and actve relaxaton: gldng, dfferent forms of cyclng, horse rdng, mountan clmbng, canoeng, trekkng n the mountans or peaceful famly walks. The cty offers also swmmng pools wth water from thermal sprngs Health Resort Ceplce bases a range of healng treatments usng ths water and soon Ceplcke Therms wll be open whch offer wll be attractve for the young and older enthusasts of swmmng. Apart from offerng perfect condtons for actve relaxaton, s a cultural and artstc centre of the area known for ts musc festvals, shows, exhbtons or unconventonal theatrcal actvtes. The rch cultural offer of the cty ncludes: Mędzynarodowy Festwal Teatrów Ulcznych (Internatonal Festval of Street Theatres), Wrzeseń Jelenogórsk ( Jelenogórsk September) a tradtonal event held n the cty wth, among other thngs, Festval Slesa Sonans or the Antques and Curostes Far whch attract people from, Poland and abroad. n Karkonosze Mountans nvtes you! Muncpal Offce of The Department of Culture and Toursm Plac Ratuszowy tel fax e-mal: ISBN Jelenogórske Center of Informaton and Regonal Educaton The Center of Cultural and Tourst Informaton tel e-mal:

2 Man and Mnor Route of w Muncpal Offce of Plac Ratuszowy tel fax emal: Publsher: Lnkeo Interaktywne Edtor: Lnkeo Interaktywne, Muncpal Offce of Texts: Lnkeo Interaktywne, Muncpal Offce of Photographs: Lnkeo Interaktywne, Robert Wtakowsk, Potr Byszkowsk, Vento Studo Jacek Gajda, Karol Wolńsk, Muncpal Offce of Translaton: Agneszka Szukuć The publcaton funded by the Cty of 2013 ISBN o u n d th e c t y r a e e s o The Mnor and Man hat t Cty Center Route, n other words, what s worth seeng n the town Even f you are comng to Jelena Góra only for a weekend, t s worth plannng addtonal tme for sghtseeng the most nterestng hstorcal monuments stuated wthn the borders of the cty. We offer you two routes: The Mnor Cty Center Route and The Man Cty Center Route. The very centre of the cty, rch n hstorcal monuments from dfferent epochs, can be sghtseen on foot, n the case of other parts of Macejowa, Czarne, Goduszyn, Sobeszów, Ceplce or Jagnątków t s advsable to use the means of transport - car, cty means of communcaton or a bcycle.

3 The Mnor Cty Center Route We start the trp at Bolesław Krzywousty s Hll (Wrymouth s Hll), stuated about one klometre west from the cty centre. Only 20 mnute-long walk from bus stop whch enables reachng the place where, accordng to the legend, Bolesław Wrymouth requested for a defensve castle to be bult whch later turned out to be the germ of future settlement. Up tll the 15th century there was a castle but today there s not even a trace. At Present Wzgórze Krzywoustego s a popular destnaton of walks, manly because a scenc tower s stuated there. At the begnnng of the 20th century t acqured a name Grzybek ( Lttle Mushroom ) and from that spot one can admre the panorama of wth Karkonosze Mountans, The Foothll and Karczawske Mountans as well as Rudawy Janowske n the background. Fot. 1. Vew Tower Lttle Mushroom Fot. 2. A stlt walker Another stage s the Cty Tower (Baszta Grodzka) at the corner of Podwale and Grodzka Street - 16th century constructon wth a stud structure. It s a remnant after cty fortfcatons, n 18th century turned nto a dwellng house, as well as The Castle Gate Tower vsble from the Cty Tower (Weża Bramy Zamkowej) whch s the only preserved element of the Castle Gate whch used to guard the entrance to the cty. Insde of ths 16th century tower there used to be, among other thngs, cty prson and today the crown of the tower s a terrace whch s a splendd scenc pont. Leadng pont of every vst n s the market whch can be reached on foot after few mnutes of walkng from the Castle Gate Tower. Colourful townhouses surround the cty hall bult n the 18th century whch s the only preserved course of arcades n Slesa, thanks to t, today one can relax pleasantly spendng tme wth frends nsde of taverns stuated under the arcades. The cty hall draws the attenton and t s the resdence of the cty councl. Classcally shaped buldng s connected va a covered porch on the level of frst floor wth so called House of Seven Townsmen ntally t used to be home to, among other thngs, stalls and a pharmacy. Today, together wth the cty hall, t hosts Cty Councl. The porch was bult n the 20th century to make the access between the buldngs easer for the clerks, when the tram lne started operatng between these two. At present a table hung above the entrance and a part of the tram tracks as well as a tram stuated next to House of Seven Townsmen remnd about tram lne n. Nearby, just below the porch, n August 2013 an nterestng nstallaton presentng Jelenogórsk Stlt walker appeared (photo 2), whch stresses the fact the roots of street theatre orgnated from Jelena Góra tself. Whle vstng the buldng of the cty hall t s worth lookng at carved ralng of the stars desgned by Ernst Rülke, presentng the scenes descrbed n the legends about Lczyrzepa (Mountan Ghost) as well as relef wth a brass castng of Bolesław III Krzywousty breast made to celebrate the 850th annversary of the cty s settng-up (1958 ). It s worth notcng that to obtan the materal for the castng the resdents of Jelena Góra were asked to take part n bg scrap metal collecton. An nterestng thng s also 12-meters-deep well covered by a glass slab stuated at the ground floor of The House of Seven Townsmen (t can be seen durng the openng hours of the offce). Less than three mnutes away from the market there s (photo. 4) a Small Baslca dedcated to the Sants Erasmus and Pancras 15th century Gothc, three-layered buldng put up from sandstone wth a characterstc tower under whch there s one of the entrances leadng to the baslca. The most precous element of church s nteror desgn s the 17th century altar made by Tomasz Wessfeld, ntally made from wood, after the process of marblng t looks lke real marble. The altar s surrounded by nterestng stalls, bult n the 18th century the most promnent representatves of the cty used to st there. Fot. 3. Cty Hall Fot. 4. Small Baslca of Sant Erasmus and Pancras 5 6

4 The Mnor Cty Center Route Fot. 5. Wojanowska Gate Leavng the Church Square we head toward Wojanowska Gate and the Chapel of Sant Anna (photo 5). After few mnutes of walkng we wll reach 18th century chapel whch used to serve as a defence tower, whch remnders are stll exstng shootng holes (they have a shape of the key). It s worth payng attenton to two crosses of reconclaton (also called the atonement ones) bult n the wall they are the remnants of a medeval legal custom. There s a Wojanowska Gate Tower bult to adjon the chapel whch used to protect the entrance to the cty from the East. A watchful tourst wll notce the remnants of the medeval grounds of Wojanowska Tower near the Gate and Sant Anna s Chapel. The outlne of ths constructon was marked wth sett of dfferent sze than the rest of the tral. Fot. 6. Lttle Deer Contnung walkng along 1 Maja Street on the rght there s a sculpture of a deer (photo 6) made by Lewan Mantdze from Jelena Góra, then we reach the Orthodox Church Of The Apostles Peter and Paul whch was rebult after the fre n 1634 accordng to the project by Kaspar Jentsch, at that tme t was a Catholc Chapel dedcated to Vrgn Mary. In 1948 t was gven to the Orthodox parsh n. Today nsde you can admre the frescos by Jerzy Nowoselsk and Adam Stalona Dobrzańsk, and on the north outsde wall two crosses of reconclaton wth engraved crme tools. Fot. 7. Holy Cross Elevaton Church After 10 mnutes of walkng you wll reach the Holy Cross Elevaton Church (photograph 7) - one of sx Evangelc churches bult at the begnnng of the 18th century n Slesa on the bass of a pact made n Altranstädt between the kng of Sweden Charles XII and the emperor Joseph I Habsburg they are called Churches of Mercy. After the II World War t was taken over by the Catholcs. It was desgn on a plan of Greek cross. Insde the church there s room for up to 10 thousand people. The orgnal soluton nvolves an organ prospect stuated above the man altar seventy- -sx-voced organs present ther abltes durng the annual Musc Festval Slesa Sonans whch takes place at the begnnng of September. The fgures around the altar are nterestng as well as they present, among other thngs, the personfcaton of (n a murals crown) as well as Slesa (n a head pece worn by prnces). A watchful tourst, whle admrng mpressve sepulchral chapels, wll notce a pont at the church square whch was determned as the symbolc centre of the cty. 7 8

5 The Mnor Cty Center Route It s worth contnung the walk down 1 Maja Street and then down Jana Kochanowskego Street, after 20 mnutes you wll reach the buldng of Complex of Hgh Schools nr 1, whch s stuated on a small hll. The buldng was bult at the begnnng of the 20th century to be Real Hgh School. Stansław Bareja, the creator of moves lke Mś or Alternatywy 4 used to go to ths school. One of the round-abouts was named after ths celebrty. Fot. 8. Mara Konopncka Street Leavng Jan Kochanowsk Street and headng left toward Wojska Polskego Alley, you can admre Secessonst archtecture on the route. After twenty mnutes of walkng you wll reach Cypran Kaml Norwd s Theatre a splendd Secessonst edfce (photo 9). It was bult at the begnnng of the 20th century thanks to donatons of many nhabtants of and accordng to the desgn by Alfred Daehmel. Today there are many nterestng events connected wth ths theatre: Theatrcal Meetngs n or an nternatonal Festval of Street Theatres 30 years ago t was here, n Jelena Góra where the long-standng drector of the theatre n started the ntatve wth street performers whch became the characterstc symbol of the cty. It s worth mentonng that there were many celebrtes cooperatng wth ths theatre: Adam Hanuszkewcz, Francszek Peczka or Wesław Gołas. A walk around the centre should end at Bankowa Street, created n a place where prevously a dry moat used to be. It was bured and ths place was turned nto a popular promenade where now one can admre the buldngs from the 19th century. The Man Cty Center Route We start the trp n the centre of Ceplce the Evangelc Augsburg church s the frst stop on the route. Ths 18th century buldng whch was mostly furnshed by the ctzens of Jelena Góra, s one of the most precous baroque monuments of Slesa. It s worth watchng ts nterestng nteror domnated by the whteness and lstenng to organs whch managed to keep ther prmal romantc sound. In front of the church t s worth focusng on The Memory Lantern, whch remnds about a necropols that used to exst there. Leavng the church we should head rght to reach the Palace of Schaffgotschs an old resdence of the Schaffgotsch famly whch used to rule the area of Karkonosze Mountans and Jelenogórska Valley. Three-level facade of the buldng s 80 meters long and the buldng tself has as many wndows as there are days n a year. Passng the palace we ll approach Csteran monastc complex and the Church of Sant John the Baptst whose separately standng bell tower s vsble even from dstance (photo 10). The altar s decorated by a pece by Mchael Wllmann, called Slesan Raphael. The pece presents Vrgn Mary as the queen of heaven surrounded by Csteran sants. The nteror of the church as well as decoratons represent baroque and rococo style. At the courtyard there are gravestones of the members of the Schaffgotsch famly. The Natural Museum s stuated n post-csteran complex. Fot. 10. Bell tower by the Church of Sant John the Baptst Fot. 11. Murals n the post-csteran Complex n Ceplce Fot. 9. The Theatre of Cypran Kaml Norwd 9 10

6 The Man Cty Center Route Fot. 12. The nteror of the Cty Museum n Gerhart Hauptmann s House Hstorcal Zdrojowy Park s stuated 2 mnutes away (photo 13). The man alley was created at the end of the 18th century and the whole settlement from the frst half of the 19th century. At the entrance to the park on the rght one can notce a health pavlon Lalka ( Doll ), and nsde of the park there s the SPA pavlon Edward (on the rght), wooden concert hall as well as the 19th century buldng of Health Resort Anmaton Theatre whch organzes the cultural lfe of the health resort area of. After passng the park one wll reach the second one the Norwegan Park. Its name derves from a wooden constructon Norwegan Pavlon, bult n 1909 as a copy of a restaurant stuated n Oslo. After a moment of rest we suggest you to contnue the trp n the drecton of Chojnk Castle (photo 14) stuated n Sobeszów, 6 km from the Norwegan Park. It s advsable to use a bcycle, car or bus gong to Sobeszów you can get off at a the last bus stop or leave the car at a parkng under the Chojnk Mountan. You wll reach the castle by usng the black, red or green route. The castle was rebult n stone n the mddle of the 14th century and snce the 17th century when the buldng was struck by a lghtng t has stayed n a state of complete run. At the courtyard you can lsten to a legend connected wth the castle and from the castle tower admre breath-takng vew on to Jelenogórska Valley as well as the mountans surroundng t. Experenced walkers are advsed to go along the green tral from Jagnątków and the toursts on four wheels to go back to the parkng and drve to Jagnątków to the Cty Museum Gerhart Hauptmann s House (photo 12). The Fot. 13. Zdrojowy Park Secesson vlla bult at the begnnng of the 20th century draws the attenton wth ts placng, the park desgned by Hauptmann hmself and nterestng polychromes by M. Avenarus decoratng the hall of the buldng. After admrng the exhbton devoted to the Nobel prze wnner who was awarded n 1912, you can have a rest n a cafe or a park, lookng at the panorama of the mountans. Fot. 14. Chojnk Castle 11 12

7 2 LOOK AT JELENIA GÓRA FROM ABOVE, THAT IS THE TOWERS AND VIEW POINTS Fot. 15. The tower on Wrymouth s Hll Vew towers are buldngs characterstc for the Central Europe. There are at least few dozens n tself, n the area and stuated nearby Czech vllages for that reason we suggest you a route flled wth vew towers. As far as s concerned t s worth vstng a tower on Krzywousty s Hll bult n 1911, 15th century Weża Bramy Zamkowej (Castle Tower) and The Tower of Castle Gate (stuated 6000 meters above the sea level). The fans of beautful panoramas wll enjoy vew ponts there are many wthn the cty borders. Beautful panoramas of the cty and mountans can be observed from the area near the Mlenum Cross at Zabobrze, Szybowcowa Mountan, Wlhelm s Rocks near Czarne housng development, panorama rocks at Wdok housng development n Ceplce or hlls n Goduszyn. Castle Gate Tower The objects stuated on the route can be seen on the webpage: Avalable for vstng Mon. Fr.: , On Saturday and Sunday: The Tower on Krzywousty s Hll Avalable for vstng: from 1.04 to daly openng hours Chojnk Castle 13 -Sobeszów phone openng hours 10:00-18:00 moble phone Castle s open: (February - March) (Aprl - June) (July - August) (September - October) (October - November) 14

8 CASTLES/PALACES/GARDENS CITY PARKS Fot. 19. Concert hall n Zdrojowy Park Fot. 17. The complex of Wojanów Palace The Valley of Palaces and Gardens consttute tourstc tral wth regonal sgnfcance n Lower Slesa. It presents the monuments of castle-related archtecture and palaces n Jelenogórska Basn. On the area of almost 100 km2 there are nearly 30 mansons, startng wth the medeval fortresses, nhabted towers Renassance and baroque and 19th century palaces bult by the most promnent archtects of that era. The archtecture of the Romantc era was surrounded by vast scenc parks and enrched by mpressve garden archtecture. The unque combnaton of the scenery of Karkonosze Mountans and Rudawy Janowcke wth artstc vsons of the creators from past epochs, s responsble for the orgnal cultural landscape of the whole area. Jelenogórska Basn s not only a fantastc adventure and scenery or complexes of mansons whch used to belong to noblty but precous old cty settlements n and Kowaray, varous hstorc monuments of sanatorum archtecture n Ceplce as well as regonal constructon and sacral archtecture. Scenc stuaton of and much greenery around the cty makes t a perfect place for a less actve weekend. One of such deas for a lazy relaxaton s spendng tme n one of many parks n. One of the bggest s the park on Koścuszko s Hll stuated near the centre ths over 24 hectare area wth alleys for walks, playground, outsde gym and geologcal cross-secton of Western Sudety Mountans on a scale 1:5000 bult from rocks whch actually constructng Sudety Mountans. A very nterestng nature-hstorcal path passes through the park one of ts stops s stuated near currently dscovered runs of cty gallows. On the other sde of the cty you can walk through the Scenc Park of the Rver Bóbr whch runs along the rver s course for about 30 km between and Lwówek Śląsk. Its area conssts of hlls wth orgnal rock formatons, cross secton of Bóbr, beautful dam lakes and vast surface of forests. Fot. 20. Pavllon Edward s stuated on the tral leadng along the Valley of Palaces and Gardens. Wthn the cty borders the tral ncludes: Renassance Czarne Manson, Chojnk Castle, 19th century Paulnum Palace wth surroundng park and already mentoned baroque Schaffgotschs Palace n Ceplce. Two last objects are on the lst of the Polsh Presdent s Hstory Statues under the name Palaces and scenc parks of Jelenogórska Basn. Fot. 18. Zdrojowy Park If you are n you smply must vst Zdrojowy Park as well as Norwegan Park n Ceplce. In the frst one you can come across the trace of health resort archtecture, n the second one wooden Norwegan Pavllon and pcturesque pond wth stone brdge. The parks are equpped n many benches, so you can spend a day there, for example, readng a book

9 ACCOMMODATION hhotels HOTEL* CIEPLICKA HARENDA ul. Francuska 2A Phone: , e-mal: 24 lodgng places HOTEL* KARKONOSZE ul. Złotncza Phone: , e-mal: 25 lodgng places HOTEL*** BIS ul. Zamoyskego Phone: , e-mal: 48 lodgng places HOTEL*** BARON ul.grodzka Phone: , , e-mal: 35 lodgng places HOTEL*** CASPAR kategora wypoczynkowy hotel roku Plac Pastowsk Phone: , e-mal: 64 lodgng places HOTEL*** CIEPLICE ul. Cerv Phone: , e-mal: 180 lodgng places HOTEL*** EUROPA ul.1 Maja 16/ Phone: / , e-mal: 49 lodgng places HOTEL*** POD RÓŻAMI Plac Pastowsk Phone: , e-mal: 44 lodgng places HOTEL*** TANGO ul. Sudecka Phone: , , e-mal: 62 lodgng places RESIDENT HOTELS > n PENSJONAT BOROWIK ul. Wczasowa Phone: , , , e-mal: lodgng places Campngs/Guest rooms AUTO CAMPING PARK / GUEST ROOMS ul. Sudecka Phone: , ; e-mal: 42 lodgng places Hostels j SCHRONISKO NA ZAMKU CHOJNIK CHOJNIK Phone: , e-mal: 16 lodgng places SZKOLNE SCHRONISKO MŁODZIEŻOWE Wojtek ul. Skowronków 15 a Phone: ; , e-mal: 30 lodgng places Sanatora SP ZOZ SANATORIUM MSW AGAT ul. Cerv Phone: , e-mal: 210 lodgng places HOSTEL GWARDIA ul. Nowowejska Phone: , , e-mal: 88 lodgng places Farm toursm HOTEL*** FENIX ul.1 Maja 88 KARKONOSKI DOMEK ul. Karkonoska 88 Phone: , hphone: , WILLA RÓŻA WIATRÓW e-mal: ul. Zamkowa 5 e-mal: lodgng places UZDROWISKO CIEPLICE Sp. z o.o. Phone: , , Pl. Pastowsk lodgng places e-mal: HOTEL*** JELONEK ul. 1 Maja 5 Phone: , PAŁAC PAULINUM 18 lodgng places , ul. Nowowejska 62 Phone: , e-mal: WILLA SONIA e-mal: Phone: , Wzgórze Partyzantów lodgng places e-mal: lodgng places Phone: ; , Hostels 65 lodgng places e-mal: h HOTEL*** MERCURE 10 lodgng places ul. Sudecka 63 HOSTEL TRAPER REZYDENCJA NAD WODOSPADEM ul. Traugutta 20/6 ul. Myślwska 1a WILLA W SOBIESZOWIE Phone , ul. Karkonoska 26 e-mal: Phone: , , Phone: , e-mal: e-mal: Phone: , e-mal: pl, 344 lodgng places 7 lodgng places 12 lodgng places 16 lodgng places AGROTURYSTYKA ROZAN ul. Saneczkowa 11A Tel.: , , e-mal: 9 lodgng places Other forms of accommodaton APARTMENT PIASTOWSKI Plac Pastowsk Phone: lodgng places. BURSA POTOK ul. Sądowa Phone: , , e-mal: 50 lodgng places GOŚCINIEC KORALOWA ŚCIEŻKA ul. Myślwska Phone: , e-mal: 52 lodgng places HOTELIK POD DĘBEM ul. Karkonoska Phone: , e-mal: 30 lodgng places IMPULS- POKOJE ul. Sobeszowska Phone: , e-mal: 12 lodgng places SIELSKIE APARTAMENTY ul. Sabały 7a Phone: , e-mal: 5 lodgng places STACJA CENTRALNA GK GOPR POKOJE GOŚCINNE ul. Sudecka Phone: , e-mal: 23 lodgng places The best apartments ul. Klonowca 3m 4a JelenaGóra tel lodgng places VILLA HANNA Os. Żeromskego Phone: , , e-mal: 9 lodgng places VILLA POLONIA ul. Cerv Phone: , , e-mal: 43 lodgng places VILLA NOVA DOM GOŚCINNY ul. Czarnoleska Phone: , , e-mal: 20 lodgng places WILLA DOBRY DOM ul. Mchałowcka Phone: , e-mal: 8 lodgng places WILLA JUSTYNA ul. Bronka Czecha Phone: WILLA RHEIN ul. Dzałkowcza Phone: , e-mal: 6 lodgng places kategora wypoczynkowy hotel roku 2013

10 CULTURE. ENTERTAINMENT Muzeum Karkonoske [ ul. Jana Matejk fax, phone.: open: Tuesday Sunday openng hours: Tue.- Fr Sat.- Sun: Free admsson on Sunday Fxed exhbtons: The exhbton of glass art The model of The Church of Mercy n The nsde of rural hut The hstory of and the regon Muzeum Karkonoske Departments: Muzeum Hstor Mltarów Muzeum Hstor Mltarów ul. Sudecka 83, Phone: open (V-IX) (X-IV) Fxed exhbton: The exhbton of armour Muzeum Przyrodncze n post-cstercan complex ul. Ceplcka 11A Ceplce fax, phone: open: Tue - Sun fxed exhbton: The butterfles of Gant Mountans and of the World From reptles to brds The brds of the world Paseka Karkonoska ul. Krzysztofa Komedy-Trzcńskego Zabobrze fax, phone MDK Młodzeżowy Dom Kultury Jelonek ul. Mar Skłodowskej-Cure Phone Mejsk Dom Kultury MUFLON ul. Ceplcka Sobeszów Phone PRZYSTAŃ TWÓRCZA Ceplcke Centrum Kultury ul. Ceplcka Ceplce tel ul. Ceplcka Sobeszów Phone./fax , Phone Al. Wojska Polskego Phone [ Zdrojowy Teatr Anmacj Park Zdrojowy Ceplce Phone , CINEMAS Kno Grand BWA - Buro Wystaw Artystycznych ODK Osedlowy Dom Kultury ul. 11 lstopada 23, Szklarska Poręba Phone: Fxed exhbton: In the Mountan Ghost s Kngdom The products of glass factory Józefna n Szklarska Poręba Gerhart Hauptmann and hs socal crcle Łukaszewscy Carl Hauptmann and hs frends Wlastmr Hofmann and early years of post-war colony Glass and photography artsts The youngest generaton of the artsts from Szklarska Poręba Open: Tue- Sun (V-IX) Teatr m. Cyprana Kamla Norwda GALLERIES ul. Bankowa28/ Phone [ Galera N... przy DODN ul. 1 Maja Phone Kno Lot ul. Pocztowa 11/ Phone Current repertore on JCK Jelenogórske Centrum Kultury KLUB KWADRAT Dom Gerharta Carla Hauptmannów [ ul. Józefa Płsudskego Concert offce Phone (tcket offce) ul. Krótka Phone current repertore on [ ul. 1 Maja Phone /881 ul. Ksęca Bolka, Bolków Phone: Free admsson of Monday Open: Mon: (exhbton halls are closed) Tue.-Fr: 9:00-16:30 (V- IX) 9:00-15:30 (X-IV) Sat - Sun: 9:00-17:30 (V- IX) 9:00-16:30 (IV IX) 9:00-15:30(XI-III) 19 Flharmona Dolnośląska ul. Mchałowcka Jagnątków Phone: fax open: Tue. - Sun.: (V-IX) Tue Sun.: (X-IV) Free admsson on Tuesday (not applcable to organzed) Fxed exhbton: The exhbton contans souvenrs connected wth the works of the Nobe; Prze wnner Gerhart Hauptmann The projecton of moves such as: Tajemnce Łąkowego Kamena ( The SEcrets of Feld Stone ), 7 1/2 tygodna ( 7 and 1/2 week ), Żegnaj DDR. Przez Warszawę ku wolnośc ( Farewell DDR. Through Warsaw toward freedom) JCK Jelenogórske Centrum Kultury Muzeum Zamek Bolków As the Muzeum Przyrodncze was moved to the new premses, some problems may occur. Muzeum Mejske Dom Gerharda Hauptmanna [ Galera Muflon MDK Muflon Galera SKENE (the hall n the buldng belongng to the theatre) ul. Wojska Polskego JTF Jelenogórske Towarzystwo Fotografczne ul. Wojska Polskego mobl.: Koja Galery ART & ANTIC ul. 1 Maja 15/ Phone Galera Prnz ul. Józefa Płsudskego Phone ul. Długa 1, skr. poczt Phone open: from Monday to Frday between , on Saturday at Galera jasna anelka GALERIA GWIAZD ul. Bartka Zwycęzcy Phone ul. Sebastana Klonowca Phone Galera Promocje Holl ODK Bzk Studo - Tomasz Mchalsk ul. Krzysztofa Komedy-Trzcńskego Zabobrze Phone fax ul. Grodzka 16 (Cty Tower) Phone Galera Pod Brązowym Jelenem JCK Pracowna galera Krana Rzemosła ul. 1 Maja Phone /881 fax ul. Jasna Moble phone Szklana Manufaktura galera, grawerna ul. Powstańców Welkopolskch Phone Galera Korytarz JCK ul. Bankowa 28/ fax, phone /5 [ Faclty adjusted to the needs of the dsabled 20

11 ACTIVE Weekend wth a bke s a perfect place to start a bcycle trp around Kotlna Jelenogórska ( Basn) or the Karkonosze Mountans. The regon s abundant n routes characterzed by dfferent degrees of dffculty, offerng bcycle adventures for famles wth chldren as well as for the fans of extreme travels. There are two Euro-regonal bcycle routes passng through the cty: ER-2 (the route s 167 km long) as well as ER-6 (122 km long) and other bcycle routes whch jon wth the routes leadng to nearby towns whch allow the toursts to get to know the area on four wheels., as a bcycle centre of the area offers bcycle events every year, among other thngs, Jelena Góra Trophy Maja Włoszczowska MTB Race (June) or Parada Rowerów. In June 2014 t wll become the captal of the world cyclng durng V Akademcke Mstrzostwa Śwata w Kolarstwe Górskm Szosowym. f If you are nterested n bcycle trps we advse you to download a free gude: Ffteen bcycle trps from : Gant Mountans, Izerske Mountans, Rudawy Janowcke, Kaczawske Mountans wrtten by: Różycka-Jaskólska Barbara and Możanowcz Daman avalable va the lnk: or purchase gudebooks avalable on the market. From toward the mountans, because of good connecton to the towns stuated n Karkonosze Mountans, s a perfect spot to start a trp to the mountans Karkonosze Mountans, Izerske Mountans, Rudawy Janowcke or Kaczawske Mountans seem to be at the hand s reach. One of the most beautful places for weekend trps to the Gant Mountans are post glacal cauldrons you can walk to one of them, the Czarny Kocoł Jagnątkowsk, by followng the blue tral (Coral Path) from the hghest part of Jelena Gora - Jagnątków. There are many nterestng vewponts n the Karkonosze Mountans, they are Czeske (Czech) (1416 m) and Śląske (Slesan) Stones (1413 m above sea level). We suggest you to look at the Karkonosze from the perspectve of ther geo-dversty Karkonosk Park Narodowy has prepared 10 geo-tourstc paths for that purpose (half or one day long) based on the exstng network of trals and already set out educatonal paths. Relax wth a fshng rod In Jelena Gora and ts surroundngs one can also fnd a real paradse for the fans of fshng. Okręg Polskego Zwązku Wędkarskego n Jelena Gora manages ha of water. Fsh can caught among other places n the Bóbr Rver, reservors and ponds Ptaszyńsk Pond near Ceplce. A detaled lst of waters n the area can be found on a webpage. If you want to go fshng you have to be a member of Polsk Zwązek Wędkarsk (Polsh Anglng Socety) but non-members of PZW can fsh too they can download a temporary applcaton concernng amateur fshng usng a fshng rod (1 or 3 days) from the webpage of the Socety 350 klometers on a horse Polsh Dstrct Anglng Assocaton n phone: , oszałas Muflon Komarno Rver Chanter ul. Wrocławska 27 Macejowa Rancho Czarne Krzysztof Głowack The proposals of trals can be downloaded from the webpage: www. ul. Czarnoleska 46a, f we are nterested n the detaled lst of geo-ponts wth Jelene Góra - Czarne GPS drectons as well as the photographs, t can be found on the tel webpage of The Mnstry of Envronment: e-mal: The precse detals of the tral can be found on a webpage: The enthusasts of horse rdng are catered for n also. The town s located on the Sudeck Horse Tral - the route startng n Ladek Zdroj up tll Klczków, together over 350 km. The route passes through the pcturesque mountan ranges of the Sudeten. It passes through 13 Centers of Mountan Horse Toursm, whch serve well as lodgng places for the teams travellng along the tral. West part of the route starts n Western Cty n Ścegny near Karpacz, runs through Podgorzyn, then through Ceplce (dry flood reservor Ceplce), Sobeszów and contnues through Pechowce n the drecton of Izerske Mountans. Stables n Gostar ul. Goduszyńska 61 Goduszyn

12 ACTIVE From the ar Aero Club from offers an nterestng perspectve of enjoyng the advantages of the cty and whole Valley. Here the most promnent plots, paratroopers, model makers and representatves of other felds of avaton began ther ar carrer- such as Mroslaw Hermaszewsk or Hanna Retsch. It s a damond mne known all over the world - thanks to a unque atmospherc condtons and so called Karkonosze Mountans wave the glder plots from around the world can make a record flght reachng an mpressve heght as hgh as... nne thousand feet! Go-karts KF1 Kartng ul. Jana Klńskego 19 Open seven days a week so you can feel lke a Formula 1 drvers and race wth karts. Open Mon-Fr , Sat-Sun Aeroclub offers: tandem skydvng - unforgettable form of recreaton for everyone, provdng a large dose of adrenalne wth complete safety; jumpng takes place under the supervson of an nstructor every weekend n hgh season (untl October) Contact: phone e-mal: a flght n a plane over the Valley of Palaces and Gardens, a flght over Mountan Śneżka Contact: phone e-mal: Aeroklub Jelenogórsk/Aeroclub n ul. Łomncka- Lotnsko phone In a canoe The wde tourstc offer of contans a canoeng tral along Bóbr Rver. One of the most beautful parts of the tral s the fragment passng through the Scenc Park of the Rver Bóbr whch starts near the very centre of. It s worth underlnng that the part between Kamenna Góra to Żagań Bóbr was classfed as a mountan rver by the Commsson of Toursty and Polsh Recreatonal Canoeng Socety as well as the Commsson of Canoeng Toursty of PTTK Chef Management whch means you have to prepare well for the trp. Because of the dfferences n water levels the most attractve months, as far as canoeng s concerned, are March, Aprl and May as well as July. The tral leads from Kamenna Góra to the mouth of Odra, t s almost 250 klometres long and, although completng t takes 7-10 days, t s worth tryng to canoe down the Bóbr Rver, fnshng the tral at the weekend. Detaled descrpton of the tral: Daly nformaton about the water level: hot water s steramng as t sprngs out and mraculously cures dfferent weakness For almost 750 years has been known for ts thermal waters avalable n ts health resort area Ceplce. In ths place the frst health resort n Poland was created whch durng the years attracted many celebrtes. Thermal waters from Ceplce are one of the hottest n Poland, they reach the temperature of almost 90 degrees Celsus. After an actvely spent day some relaxng n Health Resort Ceplce s a dream-come-true for of spendng tme. For the actve ones and the lazer ndvduals Termy Ceplcke wll soon prepare a new offer more vared offer wll predestne about ts attractveness, t wll be prepared n such a way to cater for the young ones, the old ones passonate of bathng and swmmng. The guests wll be able to use swmmng pools whch water surface wll cover almost m 2. The young swmmers wll play n two paddlng pools, for a bt older ones or the ones who stll feel lke chldren nner sldes as well as two seasonal sldes, wld rver, water swng, professonal swmmng pool 25 meters long, Jacuzz, a couch wth water-ar massage, outer thermal swmmng pools and much more Termy Ceplcke Healt Resort Ceplce/ Uzdrowsko Ceplce Sp. z o.o. - Grupa PGU ul. P. Ścegennego 5/7 - Ceplce Reservaton: Phone: ; ; Info-lne: SPA Health Resort Maryseńka Plac Pastowsk 38 Ceplce Phone: n. 258 or 255 Termy Ceplcke very vared offer prepared n such a way to cater for the young and the old fans of swmmng and bathng wll nfluence the attractveness of that place

13 ACTIVE ACTIVE IN WINTER offers many possbltes of spendng wnter holdays n the cty n an actve way. The cross-country skng lovers can use the trals desgned for actve forms of lesure on the slopes of Chojnk Mountan. Forest frebreaks n the drecton of Zachełme and Podgórzyn as well as Jagnątków creatng natural condtons to practce skng. The Mcrostaton of Wnter Sports Łysa Góra Dzwszów, stuated 10 km away from, on the other hand, offers the addendum of wnter sk adventures because of the nght sldes ( ). Small dstance and good communcaton between and Szklarska Poręba, Karpacz or other wnter sports centres n the area makes the cty deal spot for startng a weekend wnter relaxaton. Other swmmng pools: Indoor swmmng pool Szkoła Podstawowa nr 11 / Prmary School 11 ul. Stansława Monuszk 9 - Zabobrze Phone: Ceplce Hotel ul. Cerv 11 Ceplce Phone: Bllard Gazowna ul. Pocztowa Klub Skałka ul. Letna TaX Bar ul. Krótka Pub ul. Podgórna Pub Beczka ul. Danłowskego Mercure Hotel ul. Sudecka 63 Phone: Zespół Basenów Kąpelowych/ Swmmng pool complex ul. Sudecka 59 Phone.: Open durng summer Chata pod Chojnkem ul. Chałubńskego Hotel Pod Różam Plac Pastowsk Pzzera Besadowo ul. Różyckego Pzzera Roma Ceplce ul. PCK In wnter there are ce skatng rnks and skates rentng place operate n the cty: Skatng Rnk / Bały Orlk by Zespół Szkół Ogólnokształcących Techncznych al. Jana Pawła II Skatng Rnk / Bały Orlk by Szkoła Podstawowa nr 13 ul. Potra Skarg 19 Skatng Rnk by Lceum Ogólnokształce m. C. K. Norwda, ul. Gmnazjalna 2 Ice skatng rnks admnstrator: Mędzyszkolny Ośrodek Sportu Phone Mcrostaton of Wnter and Summer Sports Łysa Góra - Dzwszów Skng School and Sudeck Sport Club Aesculap ul. Wojska Polskego Phone:

14 ATTRACTIONS FOR CHILDREN AKADEMIA NAUKI ul. Bankowa 8 (2nd floor) Phone , , , Chldren care wth the supervson of a professonal carer open: Monday - Frday AKADEMIA HAPPY KIDS al. Jana Pawła II 20a Phone ; Playroom for chldren aged from 1 up to 12. FIKOŁEK ul. Dzałkowcza 34 - Zabobrze Playroom and brthday party organze Phone , tel open: Tuesday - Frday - 13:00-19:00 Saturday - Sunday - 10:00-20:00 HIP-HOP S.C FANTASTYCZNY ŚWIAT ZABAW/ FANTASTIC WORLD OF FUN ul. Ogńskego 1a - Zabobrze Phone , GSM For chldren up to 10 years old open: Monday Frday Saturday Sunday STONOGA Playroom for chldren ul.złotncza14 Phone Open: Monday - Frday 11:00-20:00; Saturday, Sunday 10:00-20:00 Stadum Cty Stadum ul. Złotncza 12 Phone , A complex of playng felds and sports halls ncludng: full-szed football feld wth an open area for the spectators spectacular sport hall wth the arena for the spectators, can be also used as full-szed handball feld wrestlng hall table tenns hall The object s adjusted to the needs of the dsabled. Sport Stadum ul. Lubańska 1 - Ceplce Phone A complex of playng felds and sport equpment: full-szed football feld volleyball feld football tranng feld runnng track, take-off and tee a lane for tor BMX rdng sport shootng range the ramp and other elements for skateboarders. Admnstrator: Mędzyszkolny Ośrodek Sportu Phone From the captal of Karkonosze you can reach easly* Mejske Muzeum Zabawek (Cty Museum of Toys) Karpacz (20 mn) gymnasum Młodzeżowy Dom Kultury w Jelenej Górze ul. Skłodowskej-Cure 12 tel The room of a sze of 24m x 12m perfect for playng basketball and volleyball. There s the possblty to lower the baskets to play mnbasketball. The object s adjusted to the needs of the dsabled. playgrounds Playground by ul. Stefana Czarneckego Playground by ul. Ksążęca Playground n Osedle Robotncze Playground by ul. Tkacka Playground n Park Żżk Playground by ul. Zjednoczena Narodowego Playground by ul. Edwarda Dembowskego Playground by ul. Lwówecka Playground - Plac Koścuszk Playground n Parku Norweskm Playground by ul. Rudolfa Wegla Playground by ul. Krzysztofa Komedy-Trzcńskego Playground by ul. Okrężna Playground n Osedle Łomncke Plac Różany Playground n Park Wzgórze Koścuszk Playground by ul. Zaułek Dno Park Szklarska Poręba (20 mn) Summer Sledge Route - Karpacz (20 mn) The Farytale Karpacz (20 mn) Karkonoske Tajemnce (The Secrets of Great Mountans) Karpacz (20 mn) Dom Lalk Adoptowanej (The House of an adopted doll) Karpacz (20 mn) Western Cty Ścęgny (15 mn) Cyrkland Młków (15 mn) Woska Indańska Canoe (Natve Amercan Vllage Canoe)** Sz. Poręba (20 mn) Karkonoske Centrum Edukacj Ekologcznej (Karkonoske Centre of Ecologcal Educaton) KPN Sz. Poręba (20 mn) n nn The tme gven n brackets s an average tme of travellng by car ** Attracton avalable tll the end of September 27 28

15 IMPORTANT EVENTS January August Mstrzostwa Polsk w Rzeźbe ze Śnegu Szklarska Poręba, SkArena Szrenca Ceplcke Koncerty Organowe, Ceplce BORDER RUSH Fnał Welkej Orkestry Śwątecznej Pomocy Karkonosk Festwal Śwatła Mędzynarodowe Mstrzostwa w Skjoerng February Mędzynarodowy Festwal Flmowy Zoom - Zblżena Famly Cup Mstrzostwa Województwa Dolnośląskego Mędzynarodowy Zjazd Sanam Rogatym Puchar Radowej Trójk w Narcarstwe Zjazdowym w Szklarskej Porębe March Beg Pastów Memorał Waldemara Semaszk Mstrzostwa Szklarskej Poręby o Puchar Burmstrza w Narcarstwe Zjazdowym Snowboardze Izersk Beg Beg Retro Aprl Mstrzostwa Polsk z Jajem Pknk Cross Country Szklarska Poręba, Polana Jakuszycka, Plac Ratuszowy, Plac Pastowsk Karpacz, Stadon Mejsk, Kno LOT Karpacz, Stok Euro Kowary, square by Sztolne Kowary SKIArena Szrenca Szklarska Poręba, Polana Jakuszycka Karpacz, Karkonosze Szklarska Poręba, SkArena Szrenca Szklarska Poręba, Stacja Turystyczna ORLE Karpacz, Stok Lodowec next to Chata Karkonoska Jeżów Sudeck, Sedlęcn Ogólnopolska Turystyczna Gełda Posenk Studenckej Mędzynarodowy Festwal Teatrów Ulcznych Ogólnopolsk Festwal Flmów Komedowych Obchody św. Wawrzyńca Uphll Race Śneżka Wjazd na Śneżkę Festwal Rowerowy Bke Acton Kolarsk Wjazd Kowary-Okraj Rycersk Turnej Kusznczy o Złoty Bełt Chojnka Festwal Szuk Dell Arte Dog Trekkng Festwal Slesa Sonans Wystawa Produktów Regonalnych Wyprodukowano pod Śneżką Mędzynarodowe Warsztaty Pszczelarske Mędzynarodowy Turnej Tańca Towarzyskego Karkonosze Open Trophy Maja Włoszczowska MTB Race Jarmark Staroc Osoblwośc Mędzynarodowe Mstrzostwa Szklarskej Poręby w Grzybobranu Szklarska Poręba, Baza pod Ponurą Małpą Lubomerz Karkonosze, Śneżka Kaplca św. Wawrzyńca Karkonosze, Śneżka Szklarska Poręba, SkArena Szrenca Kowary, Przełęcz Okraj, Zamek Chojnk Wojanów, Pałac Wojanów Podgórzyn, Przeseka, Plac Pastowsk, Plac Ratuszowy September Szklarska Poręba, Polana Jakuszycka The events of Jelenogórsk September Everyboard Festval Karpacz, Stadon Mejsk Przejśce Dookoła Kotlny Jelenogórskej Szklarska Poręba, SkArena Szrenca Puchar Samotn Karpacz, Schronsko Samotna Lawna Śneżka, Schronsko Samotna May Parada Rowerów Pknk Cross Country Jeżów Sudeck, Sedlęcn October Mędzynarodowe Targ Turystyczne Tourtec, Plac Ratuszowy Jelenogórske Spotkana Teatralne Noc Muzeów Wosna Ceplcka June Turnej Rycersk Turnej Tensowy Mędzynarodowy festwal Teatrów Awangardowych PESTKA, Ceplce Sedlęcn, Weża Ksążęca Karpacz, Mercure Skalny Mędzynarodowy Krokus Jazz Festwal m. Tadeusza Errolla Kosńskego Kermasz Adwentowy w Pałacu Folwarku JGJ Festwal Jelenogórske Gwazdy Jazzu Przesecka Kąpel Morsów Łomnca, Pałac Łomnca Podgórzyn, Przeseka November December Trophy Maja Włoszczowska MTB Race Sylwester pod Ratuszem, Plac Ratuszowy July Bke Adventure Pechowce Rajd Karkonosk Kotlna Jelenogórska Ceplcke Koncerty Organowe, Ceplce Rowerowy Rajd Retro Szklarska Poręba, Stacja Turystyczna Orle Art & Glass Festval, Plac Ratuszowy 29 30

16 TRANSPORT How to reach? s convenently connected va bus wth all towns n Jelenogórska Basn whch can be reached by cty buses and nter-cty buses. Detaled connectons are avalable n all-poland browsers and webpages: How to travel around? Cty means of transport / Komunkacja mejska Cty Transport Company ul. Wolnośc 145 Phone Current prces of the tckets and tmetable: BILETY REGULAR LINES NUMBER AND TYPE OF ZONES 1 prce zone Cty zone of or commune zone 2 prce zone Cty zone of + one zone of another commune (cty) EXPRESS SINGLE TICKETS TO BE USED ONCE NORMAL As on accordng to Tckets and phone applcatons - page 35 STATUTORY REDUCED TICKET PRICE LOCALLY REDUCED NORMAL NIGHT REDUCED 3,00 zł 1,50 zł 1,80 zł 5,80 zł 2,90 zł 4,80 zł 2,40 zł 2,90 zł 9,60 zł 4,80 zł TICKET PRICES NUMBER AND TYPE OF ZONES NORMAL STATUTORY REDUCED STATUTORY REDUCED 1 payment zone 4,00 zł 2,00 zł 2,40 zł 2 Payment zone 7,80 zł 3,90 zł 4,70 zł Bcycle Rental Ceplcke Bcycle Center/ Ceplcke Centrum Rowerowe Tran Staton Ceplce ul. Dworcowa 20 Ceplce Phone Car Rental Vvacar ul. Spółdzelcza 27 Phone Moble phone / e-mal: Karen ul. Wyszyńskego 46 Phone /4 e-mal: MaxCar ul. Złotncza 14 I p., Phone P.H.U. Auto Panda ul. Wolnośc 126 Phone Car parks n the cty Guarded car park ul. Sudecka (hotel Mercure ) ul. Arm Krajowej (hotel Europa ) ul. Kraszewskego (hotel Fenx ) ul. Grottgera ul. Pjarska (enter va Podwale), multlevel carpark Places for parkng tourstc coaches ul. Obrońców Pokoju (Coach Staton) ul. Podwale (MZK bus stop) up to 10 mnutes ul. Grodzka (by Hotelu Baron) ul. Podgórzyńska (near Norwegan Park) ul. O. Langego (entrance for coaches from ul. Sobeszowska) Parkngmeters n Parkngmeter chargé are operatng from Monday tll Frday between and 18.00, whereas on Saturday, Sunday and holday the layover s free of chargé. The supervson on makng payments and techncal support Offce ul. Płsudskego 6 Phone: Rado- tax Rado-tax 9622 ul. Zgorzelecka 9 Phone , , Rado-tax 9191 ul. Zgorzelecka 9 Phone , , Rado-tax Mercedes Pl. K. Wyszyńskego 37 Phone , , , from moble phone *4444 (Orange) Rado-tax Śneżka ul. Wejska 29 - Zabobrze Phone , , Luggage Tax Os. Robotncze Phone Look at the page 35 Internet and Multmeda 31 32

17 CHURCHES AND MASSES The Parsh of Sant Mary s Assumpton Dąbrowca 21 Phone Sunday: 11:00, 16:00 weekdays: Mon.: 7:00, Wed: 16:00, Sat: 8:30 The Church of The Hollest Heart of Jesus ul. Ceplcka Sobeszów Phone.: Sunday at 7:00; 9:00 (Sant Martn s Church); 10:30; 12:00 and 18:00 weekdays: 7:00 (only durng school year), 18:00 Fot. 21. The nteror of the Holy Cross Elevaton Church The Parsh of Holy Cross Rasng ul. 1 Maja 45 Phone Sunday: 7:00, 8:30, 10:00, 11:30, 13:00, 18:00, 20:00 weekdays: 7:00, 7:30, 18:00 Sant John the Apostole and Evangelst Parsh Pl. św. Jana Ewangelsty 1 - Zabobrze Phone Sunday: 08:00, 09:30,11:00, 12:30, 18:00, 20:00 weekdays: 07:00,18:00 Sant Juda Thaddaeus Parsh ul. Czarnoleska 2 - Czarne Phone Sunday: 9:00, 11:00, 12:30 (t s not conducted n July and August) Saturday: 9:00 Sant Peter and Paul the Apostles Parsh ul. Wrocławska 58 - Macejowa Phone Sunday: 8:00, 11:30 weekdays: 18:00 (apart from Wednesday 8:00) Sant Adalbert s Parsh ul. Monuszk 12 - Zabobrze Phone lub Sunday: 7:00, 8:30, 10:00, 11:30, 13:00 (durng school year), 18:00 weekdays: 7:00, 18:00 The Parsh of the Mother of God The Queen of Poland and Sant Francs of Asss ul. Morcnka 8a Phone Sunday: 7:30, 8:30, 10:30, 12:00, 17:00 weekdays: 7:30, 17:00 The Parsh of Sant Erasm and Pankracy Pl. Koścelny 1-2 Phone lub tel Sunday: 7:30, 9:00, 10:30, 12:00, 13:15, 18:00 weekdays: 6:30 (only durng school year), 7:00, 7:30, 18:00 holdays: 6:30, 7:30, 9:00, 18:00 The Parsh of Mother of God Of Mercy ul. PCK 23 - Ceplce Phone lub Sunday: 7:00, 9:00, 11:00, 12:30 18:00 weekdays:7:00 18:00; addtonaly durng holdays at 9:00 Joohn the Baphtst s Parsh ul. Ceplcka 9 - Ceplce, Phone Sunday and ceremones: 7:00, 8:30, 10:00, 11:30, 13:00, 15:00 (apart from July and August), 19:00 weekdays: 7:00, 8:00, 19:00 Chapel n Goduszyn under the callng of Sant Józef Kalasancjusz: 10:00 The Parsh of God s Mercy ul. Saneczkowa 1 - Jagnątków Phone Phone Mass: Sunday: 8:00 12:00 weekdays: Tuesday, Wednesday, Frday, Saturday: 18:00 n summer, 17:00 n wnter Evangelc Augsburgan Church Plac Pastowsk 18 -Ceplce Phone: Sunday servce: Every Sunday and holdays at 10:30 Orthodox Parsh of Sant Peter and Paul 1 Maja 40 Phone Servce at 10:00 on Sunday and twelve Great Holdays Pentecostalc Church Wolnośc 32 Church servce: Sunday: 10:00 The Church of the Adventsts of the Seventh Day ul. Paneńska 36, Phone: Church servce Sunday: Polsh Catholc Church n the Republc of Poland ul. Wolnośc Ceplce Sunday at 11:00, durng summer holday at 9:00 Chrstan Evangelcal Church ul Wegla 24b Phone The Church of God n Chrst ul. Klonowca 7 Phone The New Apostolc Church n Poland Płsudskego 56 Phone Fot. 22. Eastern Orthodox Church of Sant Peter and Paul 33 34

18 nternet and multmeda INFORMATION We remnd you how the mobtme applcaton works and what you use t for. It s a free offcal applcaton of MZK sp. z o.o. n whch always contans current nformaton for the passengers (tmetable) avalable on moble phones. Thanks to MobTme the passenger can: check the current tmetable avalable wthout connectng the Internet, n off-lne mode check the real tme of the bus comng to the bus stop (real-tme nformaton) check the connecton between bus stops receve nformaton about changes of the tmetable PAY FOR THE CITY COMMUNICATION TICKETS USING COMFORTABLE APPLICATION SKYCASh. SkyCash s the fastest and most comfortable way of buyng cty communcaton tcket - everywhere, 24/7, wthout haste, standng n lnes, checkng the change or lookng for an open tcket offce. PAYING FOR PARKING HAS NEVER BEEN SO COMFORTABLE! SkyCash together wth a mobparkng servce proved payng for parkng can be comfortable. Ths soluton s operatng n almost 30 ctes around Poland. OTHER PRACTICAL INFORMATION: EMERGENCY NUMBERS: 997 AMBULACE SERVICE 998 FIREBRIGADE 997 POLICE 24/7 pharmacy: Apteka Bankowa ul. Solna 1 Hosptal emergency department SOR ul.ogńskego 6, Recepton desk: , Lst of cashmachnes lub w aplkacj na Karkonoska Grupa GOPR ul. Sudecka 79, Gudes The Sudety Team of Gudes The Gld of Sudety Gudes POLISH TOURIST INFORMATION phone (for lne phones) phone (for moble phones) HOT SPOT FREE Cty Hall Square MZK Buses (selected) Sudecka 29 Name of the network: Internet Name of the network: Internet Name of the network: Internet * the placement of hot-spots can change. Check the current lst on No password No password No password Snce the 1 of July 2013 there have been new rules concernng the management of communal waste. Whle stayng n, you should remember to collect selectvely paper and cardboard, glass packages, artfcal materals and organc waste (bodegrable) whch have to be kept n separate contaners or bags. Przewodnk na systemy Androd (other moble platforms wll be avalable soon) Paper (paper cannot be wet, mechancally, chemcally or bologcally drty) THROW INSIDE: Wrtng paper, books, notebooks, magaznes, brochures, folders, catalogues, prospects, paper and carton bag, carton boxes, cardboard Glases (throw empty packages of products, wthout caps, don t break the glass before throwng nto the contaner) THROW INSIDE: Drnk bottles of colourless and colourful glass (wthout caps and screw-on tops), jars made of colourless glass and colourful glass (wthout screw-on top) Artfcal materals (the packages have to be wthout content, t should be pressed, wth the caps turned off) THROW INSIDE: Pressed and empted bottles after drnks, household chemcals and cosmetcs, plastc caps, mlk and drnk cartons, plastc cups for drnkng water, your etc. fol, bags, plastc bags made from artfcal materalsm cans after drnks, canned food, scrap metal and colourful metals, metal bottle caps, jar and other contaners twsts, baskets after frut, nals, clean alumnum fol 35 Bodegradable (to contaners for bodegradable waste, do not throw plastc bags nsde) THROW INSIDE: Peelngs and frut peels, leftovers of food, vegetables and frut, eggshells, green waste (e.g. flowers, grass, trees and bushes, leaves, tree bark, clean sawdust), tea and coffee dregs, nut shells 36

Contents. ATTENTION! All telephone numbers shoud be preceded by +48 when calling from abroad. HOW TO GET TO WARSAW?

Contents. ATTENTION! All telephone numbers shoud be preceded by +48 when calling from abroad. HOW TO GET TO WARSAW? Warsaw in short Contents photo: PZ Studio HOW TO GET TO WARSAW? 2 HOW TO TRAVEL AROUND WARSAW? 3 TOURIST INFORMATION 7 PRACTICAL INFORMATION 8 ACCOMMODATION 16 TOURIST ATTRACTIONS 19 Music halls, theatres,

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WROCŁAW REGIONAL GUIDE WROCŁAW REGIONAL GUIDE I. WELCOME Welcome to our Region We are pleased that you have chosen our region as a place where you can make another step in the development of your research career and take an


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I. INTRODUCTION (WELCOME) I. INTRODUCTION (WELCOME) Welcome to the Northern Region of Poland! We are pleased that you have chosen our region as a place where you can make another step in the development of your research career

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1. Przeczytaj ogłoszenia o mieszkaniach do wynajęcia, a następnie odpowiedz na pytania od 1 do 9, wpisując literę odpowiadającą danemu ogłoszeniu:

1. Przeczytaj ogłoszenia o mieszkaniach do wynajęcia, a następnie odpowiedz na pytania od 1 do 9, wpisując literę odpowiadającą danemu ogłoszeniu: Rozdział II Czytanie 1. Przeczytaj ogłoszenia o mieszkaniach do wynajęcia, a następnie odpowiedz na pytania od 1 do 9, wpisując literę odpowiadającą danemu ogłoszeniu: A/ Barbican studio to let in EC1.

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Horse-riding joy, passion, adventure

Horse-riding joy, passion, adventure Horse-riding joy, passion, adventure Horse-riding joy, passion, adventure Introduction We can say that horses have always been with us, and have been an important part of our daily life. This is a beautiful

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LOCATION GUIDE POLAND LOCATION GUIDE POLAND LoCATION GUIDE POLAND Please note photos for the publication have been compressed due to the file size. Pictures in better quality available upon request. Film Commission Poland Krakowskie

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offer for CONFERENCE Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship conferences in good style

offer for CONFERENCE Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship conferences in good style offer for CONFERENCE organisers Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship conferences in good style BYDGOSZCZ AIRPORT +48 52 365 46 86 Travel comfort The Ignacy Jan Paderewski International Airport is

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GŁOS POLEK. polish Women s alliance of America Fall 2013 No. 4 MMXIII

GŁOS POLEK. polish Women s alliance of America Fall 2013 No. 4 MMXIII GŁOS POLEK polish Women s alliance of America Fall 2013 No. 4 MMXIII The polish Women s Voice Publication of the polish Women s alliance of America GŁOS polek organ związku polek w ameryce About Us and

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4-5 December Novotel Warszawa Centrum

4-5 December Novotel Warszawa Centrum nr 10 / (41) LISTOPAD 2013 ISSN 2081-1683 Cena 40 PLN / 10 Euro (w tym 8% VAT) LISToPAD 2013 4-5 December Novotel Warszawa Centrum Zapraszamy do serwisu WWW.THECITY.COM.PL 2 nd Edition Smart Strategies

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GŁOS POLEK. Canonization of Pope John Paul II April 2014. polish Women s alliance of America spring 2014 No. 2 MMXIV

GŁOS POLEK. Canonization of Pope John Paul II April 2014. polish Women s alliance of America spring 2014 No. 2 MMXIV GŁOS POLEK polish Women s alliance of America spring 2014 No. 2 MMXIV Canonization of Pope John Paul II April 2014 The polish Women s Voice Publication of the polish Women s alliance of America GŁOS polek

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GŁOS POLEK. Merry Christmas! Wesołych Świąt! polish Women s alliance of America Fall 2014 No. 4 MMXIV

GŁOS POLEK. Merry Christmas! Wesołych Świąt! polish Women s alliance of America Fall 2014 No. 4 MMXIV GŁOS POLEK polish Women s alliance of America Fall 2014 No. 4 MMXIV Merry Christmas! Wesołych Świąt! The polish Women s Voice Publication of the polish Women s alliance of America GŁOS polek organ związku

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MARTIN KRAWIEC ATTORNEY AT LAW ETHICAL - EXPERIENCED. Jan Concrete Contractor Residential or Commercial (35 years experience)

MARTIN KRAWIEC ATTORNEY AT LAW ETHICAL - EXPERIENCED. Jan Concrete Contractor Residential or Commercial (35 years experience) News of Polonia Pasadena, California January 2010 Paul Wos - Catholic Nuns from 6 liquidation of the Warsaw Ghetto in 1943. In 1998, Yad Vashem designated Mr. Wos and his parents Righteous Among the Nations

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Czechy. Dominikana. Gazeta Pokładowa. w w w. m a g a z y n s w i a t. p l. Na stoku / On the slope. Wakacje z dzieckiem / Vacations with children

Czechy. Dominikana. Gazeta Pokładowa. w w w. m a g a z y n s w i a t. p l. Na stoku / On the slope. Wakacje z dzieckiem / Vacations with children ISSN 1644-4183 WRZESIEŃ, PAŹDZIERNIK SEPTEMBER, OCTOBER (33) 2013 Czechy Na stoku / On the slope Dominikana PERŁA KARAIBóW / the pearl of the Caribbean Gazeta Pokładowa Wakacje z dzieckiem

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SUT Silesian University of Technology PL GLIWICE01. Guide for International Students

SUT Silesian University of Technology PL GLIWICE01. Guide for International Students SUT Silesian University of Technology PL GLIWICE01 Guide for International Students Contents About the university... 4 Information for exchange students... 4 Admission procedures... 5 Academic calendar...

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TEST 1 MATURA. Practice Tests

TEST 1 MATURA. Practice Tests TEST 1 MATURA Practice Tests 1 ROZUMIENIE ZE SŁUCHU CD3 1 CD3 2 ZADANIE 1. (5 punktów) Zapoznaj się z poniższymi tematami. Usłyszysz dwukrotnie wypowiedzi pięciu osób dotyczące relacji międzyludzkich.

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Broszura bezpłatna, współfinansowana z Europejskiego Funduszu Społecznego


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Sprawozdanie z pobytu na Erasmusie. Witam, mam nadzieję że rady które umieszczę w moim sprawozdaniu okażą się przydatne

Sprawozdanie z pobytu na Erasmusie. Witam, mam nadzieję że rady które umieszczę w moim sprawozdaniu okażą się przydatne Małgorzata Jakimowicz Sprawozdanie z pobytu na Erasmusie Witam, mam nadzieję że rady które umieszczę w moim sprawozdaniu okażą się przydatne Jeżeli jesteście zainteresowani wyjazdem do Pragi to zalecam

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SOCIO-ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT OF AGRICULTURAL PROBLEM AREAS IN POLAND Iwona Pomanek 218 Iwona Pomanek, Soco-economc Development of Agrcultural Problem Areas n Poland,, pp. 218-235. DOI: 10.14254/2071-789X.2014/7-2/18 Iwona Pomanek PhD Department of European Polcy Publc Fnance

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POLISH WOMEN S ALLIANCE OF AMERICA WINTER/SPRING 2010 NO. 1 MMX GŁOS POLEK POLISH WOMEN S ALLIANCE OF AMERICA WINTER/SPRING 2010 NO. 1 MMX 1810 1849 Fryderyk Chopin 100th Anniversary of Glos Polek 200th Anniversary of Chopin s Birth 2010 Youth Conference 2010 Youth

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ORY Y IN THE MAKING: A PRCUA A FIRST - TOLEDOT HISTOR OLEDO,, OH PRCUA CONVENTION. Enter PRCUA s Thank You to Mothers Raffle HAPPY MOTHER S DAY! PRCUA Seeking Experienced Insurance Personnel The PRCUA is seeking new or experienced insurance personnel to promote our financial products, preferably individuals in the Life Insurance

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Współpraca: Alicja Cholewa-Zawadzka Monika Michalak Halina Tyliba

Współpraca: Alicja Cholewa-Zawadzka Monika Michalak Halina Tyliba Współpraca: Alicja Cholewa-Zawadzka Monika Michalak Halina Tyliba Published by Express Publishing Liberty House, Greenham Business Park, Newbury, Berkshire RG19 6HW, United Kingdom Tel.: (0044) 165 817

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MODEL EGZAMINU Z JĘZYKA ANGIELSKIEGO. Poziom 2. Specyfikacje Egzamin przykładowy STANAG 6001

MODEL EGZAMINU Z JĘZYKA ANGIELSKIEGO. Poziom 2. Specyfikacje Egzamin przykładowy STANAG 6001 MODEL EGZAMINU Z JĘZYKA ANGIELSKIEGO Poziom 2 STANAG 6001 Specyfikacje Egzamin przykładowy Łódź 2011 2 Model egzaminu z języka angielskiego Poziom 2 wg STANAG 6001 Specyfikacje i egzamin przykładowy OPRACOWANIE:

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Concerts, premieres, events Koncerty, teatry, imprezy... 29-46

Concerts, premieres, events Koncerty, teatry, imprezy... 29-46 CONTENT SPIS TREÂCI 1 FEATURES INFORMACJE City map Plan miasta... 4-7 First Things First... 8 All you want to know... 10-14 Arrival first aid Przyjazd... 16-19 Transportation Komunikacja... 20-22 Polish

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ISSN 1644-4183 KWIECIE /APRIL 2009

ISSN 1644-4183 KWIECIE /APRIL 2009 ISSN 1644-4183 KWIECIE /APRIL 2009 W W W. M A G A Z Y N S W I A T. P L 5 Podró e sà jak bajka. Magiczne, jak Kerala o wschodzie s oƒca, do której zabierze nas Sebastian Durbacz. Mistyczne, jak oêwietlone

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CZŁOWIEK ROZMOWA WSTĘPNA CZŁOWIEK 1. Who is, in your opinion, the most beautiful woman / the most handsome man you have ever seen? Justify your choice. 2. What clothes do you feel most comfortable in? 3. What makes you laugh?

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Meeting planner s guide. Przewodnik dla organizatorów kongresów i spotkań

Meeting planner s guide. Przewodnik dla organizatorów kongresów i spotkań Meeting planner s guide Przewodnik dla organizatorów kongresów i spotkań Basic information Informacje ogólne 1 Old Market Square Stary Rynek Contents Spis treści 1 Basic information Informacje ogólne 1A

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EGZAMIN MATURALNY Z JĘZYKA ANGIELSKIEGO Miejsce na naklejkę z kodem szkoły dysleksja EGZAMIN MATURALNY Z JĘZYKA ANGIELSKIEGO POZIOM PODSTAWOWY Czas pracy 120 minut Instrukcja dla zdającego 1. Sprawdź, czy arkusz egzaminacyjny zawiera 7 stron

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